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Eight (08/08/08)

Poetry, Number 8, Mission Driven, poem, song, 08/08/08

To sow a seed in the minds of the people
A purpose like this one, tis hard to equal
To use properly what has been used to deceive
To retrieve the truth from the lie that was told to Eve
Like a sickle that’s misused by the Grim Reaper
To harvest evil sown to its full blown nature
But put to good use sows wheat from the field
A positive result from what has to this day
Been used in a way that it should not have been
Cause poetry and song presently just sow sin
And what begins with a smooth flow
and some words that rhyme
Turns out to be a monster that devours the mind
But what was skillfully used for the work that it should
Moved hearts, challenged attitudes, yep, it was good.

Now, poetry alone is the voice of the soul
It’s the sound of the spirit as it speaks to another
Of its kind, in a similar state or position
But can’t shout out cause it’s afraid of admitting
Is just sitting there waiting and silently wishing
That something will turn up and fill the void with-in
So it’s a bridge between one soul and the other
Take control and discover that
Wherever the heart of the poet leads, there the masses follow
So the teachings that you teach with the words in your speech
Should be a good seed in the minds of tomorrow.

It was a blessing though the preacher didn’t preach
But still the message reached: the destination
Truly for me twon’t be the Final Destination
Cause the train has not yet checked in into the train station
What I mean is (to put it point blank)
That the message I’ll pass on and I’ll keep the torch blazing
The one I received on the 8th of August
Same day another torch was still burning in Beijing
Calls himself ‘Number 8’ so I wonder
If I look up to him does that make me ‘Number 9’?
Him and the people that he ministers with
Have been Driven by the Mission of devotion of time
To make an impact on the lives of our youth
And in fact and even better: spreading the truth
That Number 8 describes is not a ‘what’ but a ‘Who’
It’s the God-Man Jesus Christ, who’s madly in love with you.

To speak into people’s lives is a blessing
Cause words hold such power in them that it’s amazing
To curse they can too, to trash and to destroy
Deploy a bomb so big that ticks…tocks…
The time set but unknown to the owner of the brain
It accumulates and gathers more energy in its core
So when it all goes BOOM! and then we wonder
How can you turn to another man in your sexual hunger?
Or why do you under-estimate yourself
And give your flesh to the fantasy
For five full minutes of a feeling they call ‘ecstasy’?
The answer is the word that was planted and grew
Found root, grew a shoot and spread the seeds when winds blew
The word that said “It’s all right for Adam to love Steve”
When I say ‘love’ I mean to a point they’re willing to marry
The words like Missy Elliot’s “Dog in heat”
How can you liken her to a canine on four feet?
That is the word that I am talking about
That ignites, slowly lights the wick of the bomb
That can explode, will explode, goes tick… tock…
Will blow up soon and it won’t be long.
But if well used, as I choose to do
The good seed sprouts at the time it’s appointed to
And words invested in the right direction
Bring a harvest of hope and all good things
worthy of mention.

Kenshin Himura with his double-edged sword
Or a Nacet razor, sharp on both facets
Explains the impact of a word on a soul
Of a poem or a song: there’s two options for a goal:
To build up, to furnish and to edify
Or to destroy, make someone’s spirit cry
Which one shall it be?
To praise and raise the face of one?
Or to keep one deeply burrowed in the sorrow
of the resulting weed?
So now I see that
To sow a seed in the minds of the people
A purpose like this one, tis hard to equal.

Published: 2008-10-02
Author: Alvin Gachie

About the author or the publisher
I graduated from High School in the year 2007 and am currently working for Impact Communications Group as an Associate Editor. I write a column for their new publication, "Sikika", a magazine for the youth between the ages of 13 to 23. So far we have published our first issue of the magazine, which is published every two months.

I have a good command of English, both in spoken and written. I am also confident in my research capability, as I enjoy reading and hence can consult archives, both.

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