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Eight of Cups

Arts & Entertainment (general)

Once upon a time there was Kingdom ruled by the very kind hearted king. King was brave and famous for his hobby of hunting his queen and only beloved son supported king for his dream of peace & prosperos kingdom. The son at the footstep of father was also fond of hunting. Naturally king had accumulated highly intellectuals, brave people in his forum. His expectation from these people was that they should tackle all sort of problems of the kingdom. He was proud of his force and had lot of respect ability and hospitality towards. “Rishimunis”, & spiritual Masters. He used to pray for their blessigs for his recalm. He was very much keen about happiness of his kingdom.

As everything was going in a smoothy way. Suddenly the kingdom started facing the shortage of water due to no rain. With the great pain in the heart the kind started distributing his reserved grain stock. He also distributed cloth, money etc. But he realized that this is not sufficient is comparison with the volume of Natural calamity.

The Kind immediately called meeting of his dedicated people. But everybody was helpless to tackle this problem. Naturally king lost his spirit & went in sad mood.

One day king sitting in solitude mood was approached by one sadhu spiritual Master. Sadhu had a great meditative background from Himalaya. Sadhu asked Kind why he looked like a worried person ? kind expressed his worry about natural calamities in his Kingdom & requested Sadhu to help him to come out of this situation. Sadhu closed his eyes & activating his strong sixth sense tried to find the root cause for this. Suddenly he realized the strange reason behind this. He harrated the story to the king.

The son of the king the prince of the Kingdom had gone into the forest for hunting. There he injured one beautiful thron deer. But actually he was “Varundeva” (God of rain). On injury the God annoyed and gave curse to prince & proclaimed that there will be no rain in his country. In his kingdom and you will repent for this act.

At this prince realizing his severe mistake immediately touched the feet of God of rain & prayed to forgive him as it was his unintentional mistake committed out of innocence.

The God of rain gave him the remedy for this. He said that if you or your father the kind travel towards far East side of your kingdom. Approx. 1000 kms. There you may find & empty Golden cups and if you fill up those cups with water of eight different rivers on the full moon night. Then only there will be rain your kingdom and you can save your country. But there is condition to travel. You should not wear your royal clothes or Crown. As the Golden cups are on high hills the roads are dangerous and tough hence you will have to pass through great agony to reach there.

On hearing this strang story the kind hearted kind immediately made up his mind to travel towards east side to search eight golden cups. He had a tough time to complete this mission but ultimately he reached that place and on full moon night the kind filled those eight golden cups with water .

It proved how much devoted and committed was the king for the sake of his kingdom.

Published: 2007-11-28
Author: swati kalbhor

About the author or the publisher
I am a Professional Tarot Reader & Reiki Healer.

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