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Elections In Nigeria…By All Means Rigged

Elections In Nigeria

Jos, Plateau Nigeria

In the last few days since the gubernatorial elections
I have engaged myself in a sober reflection on the
state of affairs in this land called Nigeria…I have
also been tied to my dictionary, the thesaurus and
encyclopedia, doing a research on what constitutes
rigging, electoral violence, and a free and fair

For the victorious, it has been by all means
necessary, in Borno, the ANPP Governor won and all the
State House seats were captured and I mean that word
captured by the ANPP men. In Jos, it was a tsunami
slide for the PDP, I am still trying to figure out how
PDP outsmarted Bafarawa in Sokoto and dealt Buhari a
blow in Katsina, and yet could not handle Orji and
Tinubu in Abia and Lagos respectively.

The drama in Kano continues as I pen this essay, while
I find it amusing how a character like Akala would win
an election, much more Andy Uba. In Edo, the fire
continues, we saw the abracadabra in Ondo. I am aware
of several States were party logos were missing on
ballot papers, other parties were not even on the
ballot paper.

And we hear people say that the election was free and
fair, may be we need to redefine the word free and
fair within the context of this election, in 24 States
already the results have been rejected by the
opposition…though I must quickly point out several
cases were the opposition rigged as much as the ruling
party but it was just a matter of the battle of
riggers and the better rigger won, in a State the SSS
caught an opposition leader that had boys thumb
printing in his house.

Yours sincerely could not vote, more so if the Senate
President was not able to cast his vote, and that of
the President nullified, who then am I, besides let us
not forget that in the Senate President’s place in
Enugu, a Minister cast his vote and referred to the
election as free and fair yet that Minister’s father
did not vote due to all the reasons this election

In places, new polling units surfaced, in others
shortage of electoral materials, in another it was
simple the more you look, the very little you could
see and discern. Voting took place in Adedibu’s house,
in Jos, the Deputy Governor candidate visited by the
Press at about 2.00 in the afternoon on election day
was sleeping… because mission was already fiat

In Bauchi we that for the masses who stood by their
votes, even to the point of embarrassing the sitting
Governor Mauzu, everywhere that PDP lost was almost
free and fair, but where it won was not, what a
strange nation and people we are. In Abia for every
1000 ballots thumb printed people were paid
N10,000.00. It was simple a better rigger that won.

Cars were burnt, houses razed down, lives lost both
innocent and guilty. With another three days to the
Presidential bearing any postponement, it has been the
parley of the credible and the ‘in’credible between
Buhari and Atiku. Where are we really heading to?

Also in the state of violence, mass rigging and all
the mess that characterized the last Saturday polls, I
noted that there was a voter apathy cut across all the
States of the Federation as a lot of people believed
that this election was already won and lost. The
Security operatives, Police, SSS and Army help and
caused havoc in places, in this I mean they were
places were if not for their presence, while in others
the were escorts for ballot thieves and with no shame
carried out their task to the fullest.

While Adedibu has been celebrating, Bode George
succumbed to the fire and ‘rigging power of Tinubu.
Mixed grill of an election but certainly we did not
fare well.

In the elections INEC also showed that they were ill
prepared although I accept that we could not have been
guaranteed a 100% success at the conduct but from what
we got, much was certainly desired than the rubbish we
got in places.

Interestingly and on a comical note before the protest
that came later from the Vice President Atiku, in
separate television interviews he used the phrase “so
far so good” in referring to the election on Saturday,
same phrase that Obj used and for the President and
his party it remained so, although they did not get it
free and fair in Kano, In Bauchi, In Abia, in Lagos,
in Enugu, Edo and many more places, the PDP proved
that its rigging machinery is still pretty much

Money changed hands, violence flowed freely from South
to West, East to North and for what it is worth I
believe lessons were learnt, the election tribunals
would be busy, in Minna the ANPP asked their
supporters to be calm, and I think that should be the
spirit because Nigerians cannot keep a pattern of a
peaceful revolution as a result of this, so let us
just believe that the Judiciary will not let us down.

Ngige will be in court, maybe Adams Oshimole, and may
more, but even if the President says it is a do or die
affair, let us prove him wrong, let only the PDP die,
not life lost is worth all this. I only hope and pray
that the new Governors will have the will to tackle
the issues, the new States House of Assembly will do
their duty. We hope we have had enough of the
godfather, mother and son arrangement.

This elections is all about change, if at the end a
year from now most of us critics are not ‘resting’
then sadly we will have to accept defeat. Let us not
forget that everyone cannot win too and that there is
space for strong and purposeful opposition that make
the holders of power function correctly.

The Presidential election has been won and lost and
this may sound defeatist but the truth is that except
the opposition can get its act together, come together
as one to fight a common enemy, PDP will have it her
way. It is election by all means rigged so let the
better rigger win or alternative.

For: Center For Free Speech And Expression (CFES)
Public Policy Market...Marketplace Of Ideas
Yours In The Service Of Nation...For the Good Of All
And In High Regards...I Remain
Prince Charles Dickson
234-0803 331 1301, 234-0805 715 2301
Published: 2007-04-28
Author: Prince Charles Dickson

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Prince Charles Dickson
Center For Free Expression And Speech CFES
Public Policy Market
234-08033311301, 234-08057152301

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