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End-Time Cain Descendants and The First and Second Jugdement

Sabbath Adams, First Adams, first resurrection

The first and second jugement involve Cain and the first Adam descendants with the descendant of Seth. The first Adams were originally referred to those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life since from the creation of the world. The fact is that their generalogy or names were excluded from the Holy Bible which is the “Lamb Book of Life” compiled from the creation of the world, beginning from Seth descendants. It is not talking about a heavenly book of life but the Holy Bible containing the generalogy of the descendants of the Seth.

Cain descendant and the first Adam were not included in the list after the flood and whose descendant and religion will produce the antichrist and the false prophet in order to wage war against the descendants of Seth of the Sabbath Adam in the end-times. Seth who replaced the righteous Abel produces the righteous seed and Cain produce the evil seed from the Sabbath Adam like Judas Iscariot being one of the twelve Apostles also choose by Jesus Christ but was a devil being also of the Sabbath Adam descendants.

Now during the last seven years of Prophet Daniel, Seth descendants will rule first for there and half years whose government will be headed by the biblical prophet and his High Priest prior to the second coming of the Messiah from Above.

While the second three and half years will be ruled by Cain descendants and the first Adams which names were not list in the genealogy of the Sabbath Adam since from the creation of the world from Seth will worship the beast known as the Antichrist and will introduce the official mark of Cain, implying that all the followers of his religion must have his mark which was giving to him since from the creation of the world after he killed Abel because the battle is between Cain and Abel and Abel repents the Lamb slain from the creation of the world, whose blood will be demanded from this evil generation as Jesus also testified, for the fact that Abel was shed in the process of sacrifice, he now represent the Lamb of God slain from the creation of the earth while Cain descendants represents all those whose names were not written in the Abel book of life after the flood who was replaced by Seth and Cain now represent the Devil being the murderer from the beginning as Jesus also testified. Therefore Cain and his associate nations became the nations of Gog and Magog in the end-time.( Gen. 4: 1-end, John 8:44, Mat. 23:33-35 & Rev. 13:5-10).

In the end-time, the biblical prophet will be defeated first and will escape from the hand of the antichrist just as Elijah escape from the presence of Ahab after he the rain was ceased for three and half years but was nourished in the hand of the widow at Zideon which the book of Revelation reflected upon the birth of Michael, one who is to rule all nations with the rod of iron. The three and half years of the antichrist rule will be a period when the last seven plagues will be released as stated in the book of Revelation. For more details read my articles, “THE ARRIVAL OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL THE GREAT PRINCE” and the ‘FALL AND RISE OF ARCHMICHAEL THE GREAT PRINCE” and EVENTS WITHIN THE LAST SEVEN YEARS OF DANIEL”
Now the Antichrist was also addressed as “the beast who was wounded with the sword and yet live..”(Rev. 13:1-end) and it says, “ the beast that you saw and was not will re-appear….and will wage war against the Lamb(Rev. 17:8)

Therefore the antichrist will also appear to have died by a plague through the biblical prophet but will survive and in the process will defeat the biblical prophet and shall kill him also as though dead but the biblical prophet will re-appear again after three and half days resprenting the death and resurrection of the Lamb in Jerusalem on the third day and ascended into heaven as implied but in the actual sence the three and half days represent the three and half years of the antichrist to rule in whose period the biblical prophet remains powerless like the former days of Samson but will re-appear again as thought resurrected from the death to fight the final war of Armegeddon in which he will defeat the beast and the false prophet as the Accient of Days(Dan.7:9-13) and as the man ridding the white horse(Rev. 19:11-end) and as Micheal the Great Prince who shall arise ( Dan 7:1-emd).

The end-time biblical prophet will defeat the beast spiritually known as Michael the Great Prince who then arose or empowered from above spiritually riding the white horse to fight the beast by the prophetic word of God which is the sharp sword which will issue out of his mouth like one of the biblical prophets of old, such as Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah ect and not that he will he engaged in a physical combant with the enemies(Rev. 19:11-end).

As soon as the war of Armegeddon is over, the Messiah will come with the clouds of heaven to the Accient of Days which is Michael the end-time biblical prophet(Mat. 24:21-end). The reason is the the Messiah will come like a thief in an unknown date comiing with the clouds of heaven after the beast is defeated by Michael his forerunner. The date of the battle of Amargeddon will be made public so that the beast can gathers all the kings of the earth in his kingdom to fight Michael's armies who are the armies of the saints known as the choosen and faithful ones(Rev.chapter 16 and 17).


Jesus is coming for the second time to judge those who are alive and those who have already died. During his second coming not even one that dies will resurrect, Here the Sabbath Adam descendants from Seth are to resurrect first, some who have done good to everlasting life and some who have done evil to everlasting condemination including those saints who latter fall away from the Christain, Islamic and Judiasm and recieive the mark of Cain during those tribulations (Dan 12:1-3 & John 4:27-29). This is known as the first resurrection(Rev. 20:1-end).

The others who have not resurrected during his second coming are the descendants of Cain and the First Adams who will later resurrect to face the great white throne judgement. There were being referred to as those whose names were not written in the Lamb book of life slain(representing Righteous Abel) since from the creation of the world just for the fact that their names were excluded from the list of the Sabbath Adams from Seth generalogy who replaced Abel) and they must receive the mark of Cain known in the end-time as the mark of the beast who shall be deceived by that same Old sepernt(in the Garden of Eden) called the “DEVIL AND SATAN” representing Cain who was a vagabon and fugitive roaming about the earth who is to go and deceive those nations known as GOG AND MAGOG as the end-time prophecy reflects the past events.(Job chapter 1, Rev. chapter 1, 12, 13 and 20).

Also the names of Cain descendants and the gentile Adams first created before the Sabbath Adam who now belong to the religion of the sons of Abraham know as the Jews, Christains and Muslims will be transferred to the Sabbath Adam descendants list and will as well take part in the fist resurrection of the saints.

During the milenium reign, Cain and the first Adam descendants were not judged for the fact that from the beginning of creation they live without laws. The biblical laws belong to the Sabbath Adam. The Sabbath Adam was to observe the biblical laws right from the garden of eden but the first Adams were without law. Since after the flood, they also have their own religion similar to that of the sons of Abraham. The sons of Seth of the Sabbath Adam were known as worshiping the unseen God without form or image known as the God of Abraham(Deut. Chapter 4) but those of the Cain desandants and that of the first Adams worshpped images whose descendants will worship the image of the beast and also to receive his mark being already being in their religion whorld wide.

From the beginning, Cain worshiped image as object of worship and did not believe in the Supreme God that he could not see so he could not give unto the Lord an acceptable sacrifice for it seem to him as a waste and folishness but Abel worshiped the unseen God with Adam his father and the Lord accepted his sacrifice and thefore call the name of the second son Seth and Seth gave birth to Enosh from thence men begin to call on the name of the Lord after the death of Abel and not those of Cain descendants (Gen. 4:25-26)

Therefore the worshiping of image become an accient religion of Cain and the first Adams whose reglions leaderswill fight against those of the Sabbath Adam descendants known as the religions of the nations of Gog and Magog.

During the Milenium, the saints will rule over them although quite against their traditional religion untill the devil comes up from prison to stair them up to fight the saints in order to introduce their religion globally and in ordet to take over power but will be consumed at last and will face the great white throne judgement.

Therefore, the judgement of the saints during the second coming of Christ does not affect them unlike those of the descendants of the Sabbath Adam who shall be judged according to the books of the Law. Cain and those the First Adam were not part of those laws given to the Sabbath Aam descendants beginning at the garden of eden. The laws is known as the tree of the knowlge of good and evil.
Published: 2006-09-20
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

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Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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