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End-time Gog and Magog nations: A Biblical Proof of the Pre-Adamic Theory

First Adams, second Adams, Sabbath Adams

The coming kingdom of God is to be established forever beginning from the milenium reign of the saints which will have the camps of the saints and after 1000 years, satan will be released from the prision to go and deceive those nations called “Gog and Magog” which are in the four coners of the earth and their number is as the sand of the sea shore who came to encamp the saints but fire came down from heaven and consumed them(Rev. 20:1-12).

Who are those people? Why they were excluded from the judgement of the saints sitting on thrones during his second coming and during the milenium reign of God's kingdom after the fist resurrection. Why they became different from the other races. Why they were not within the camp of the saints but rather to team up with the devil and surround the camps of the saints to fight them.

So we are going to read again the book of Genesis of the end-time in other to answer the above questions as there is nothing new under the sun.

The pre-adamic theory states that Adam and Eve where not the only people God created; other set of people were created first before them. Now let’s go into detail base on the biblical perspective.

To answer the above question correctly, we have to refer to the book of Genesis from Chapter 1- 5 and from there we can figure out that centain nations of the world will be excluded from the jugement list in the end-time as well for the fact that two set of people exist and God had choosen one set just as he chooses the descendant of Abraham nations from the rest of the other pegan nations as revealed in Genesis. These choosen nations will be liable for the jugdement and also to take part in the kingdom of God which represent the Garden of Eden who are the descendants of Adam which he placed in the Garden of Eden known in the end-time as the camp of the saints according to the book of Revelation in the New Testament whose book is a reflection of the past, present and future events who also reminded us about that old serpent called the devil and satan - the deciver of the whole world from the book of Genesis(Revelation chapter 1, 12 and 20)

Therefore, they were two sets of Adams which God created as male and female he called “Adam” meaning “MAN” (Gen. 5:1-2). In the book of Genesis since the name “Adam” was used, it appeared as if it was only one Adam God created as male and female. The first Adam he created was without law and were told to eat every tree and every beast of the field and were not placed in a garden(Gen. 1:26-31). They were the first Adam to populate the earth which God first created in his own image on the Sixth Day. Then on the seventh day, he created the second Adam known as the Sabbath Adam. He called the Sabbath “HOLY” which is the last creation he did and then placed him in the HOLY GARDEN OF EDEN in Genesis chapter 2 after he had finished all other creation. Therefore Genesis chapter 1, is about the creation of the unholy Adam while in Chapter 2 reveals the creation of the Holy Adam on the Sabbath. Jesus said my father even worked on the Sabath when he healed the sick on the sabbath.

There was also a mix-up in Genesis chapter 2 in respect of the creation history that is the water coming from the earth to water the ground in the absence of rain when there was no man. This was the region later occupied by the first Adam outside the Garden of Eden; but that of the Sabbath Adam he placed in the Garden of Eden and water came up from the east of Eden and watered the Garden instead and the water was divided into four flowing into four rivers. Therefore both Adams were created at different times and placed in different regions. The unholy Adam was to eat any tree without restrictions who was created on the sixth day to multiply and fill the earth; he was without law. But the Sabbath Adam was placed in the Garden to eat all the trees but with restriction to the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil which was panted in the Garden of Eden.

Now since a day is for the Lord as a 1000 years, God created the first Adam on the sixth thousand years later and then created the Sabbath Adam on the seventh thousand years. So the first Adam is older than the Sabbath Adam for 1000 years. So the first Adam had already populated the earth for 1000 years before he created the Sabbath Adam.

Since the first Adams were the first to populate the earth, those nations as their descendants principally involve will also reflect their population in world record in the end-times ; according to the book of Revelation chapter 20, “their number is as the sand of the sea shore” as a result they may even occupy three quarter of the world population far great in number than the Sabbath Adam descendants known in the end-times as the Gog and Magog nations with whom the devil will team up to fight the saints which was reflected in the book of Ezekiel chapter 38-39 using Israel as a symbol of the camp of the end-time saints.

The Sabbath Adam and his wife eat the forbidden tree and both eyes were opened but were not ashamed until they saw a third party entering in the Garden which is the Angel of the Lord called “Lord” and they ran away from the Lord in order to hide their nakedness. Having found disobedient, they were driven away from the garden of Eden and before the Lord drove them away he covered their neckedness with animal skin so that their neckedness is not exposed to the other Adams who had already populated the earth at that time and living with them as neighbors.

Outside the Garden of Eden, they gave birth to Cain and Abel and when Cain killed his brother Abel, God drove him away from his family and was afraid of the other Adams he shall meet who said they would kill him so God gave him a mark on his forehead and cursed whosoever that will torch him. As a fugitive, he came to the land of Nud and lived there with the other Adams and none touched him and fell in love with one of the daughters of the first Adams and he and his wife began to multiply in the land of Nud.

The punishment that God gave to Cain was that he will become a fugitive implying that he was going to live among other Adams. A futgitive is one who committed great offence and then left his people to another people for safefy. Moses was a fugitive in the Land of Midian who excaped from the wrath of Pharoah when he killed the Egyptian in Egypt. God said, he would be a vagabon implying that he shall be like a man without mother and father roaming about on the face of the earth.

Latter his father Adam gave brith to other sons and Daughters and the first was Seth who replaced Abel. Cain generology was cut off as the descendant of the Sabbath Adam from the bible although a brife generelogy was included in Genesis chapter 4 to 6 rather the descendant of Seth was used and Jesus Christ was a descendant of Seth.

Since Cain was a descendant of the Sabbath Adam, whom God protected by giving him his mark on his forehead, he did not cut off his descendants forever who later multiply and filled the new world of Noah after the great flood including the male and female of the first Adam God ceated before he created the Sabbath Adam but were not included in the generelogy of the Sabbath after the flood; so it appears as though only the descendants of Seth which is Noah and his family which consists of eight souls were the only people to multiply and filled the whole earth after the great flood.

God instructed Noah to creat an Ark and take in male and female both the unclean and the clean(Genesis 7:7-10) Therefore, since God was not interested to destroy all the unclean but save them male and female so he also save the descendants af Cain and those of the first Adams which he will use to make the new generation after the flood and were saved in the other part of the world unknown to Noah and his family; just as in the end-time, Seth desendants are to to be judged by the saints siting on thrones, the sinners facing enternal punishment in the lake of fire while the righteous ones were rejoicing in the kingdom of God for 1000 years forming the camp of the saints, yet there were another set of people known as Gog and Magog nations who were not affected by the jugement of the saints of Seth although they were being ruled by the govemennt of the saints to whom the deveil later went and deceive in order to resist the laws of the saints as soon as he was released from the prison and they all gang up with him and their number is as the sand of the sea shore living in the four conners of the earth and came and encamp the the saints but fire from heaven consumed them then in that battle Satan was captured and was throne in to the lake of fire buring with brimestone where the false prophet and the antichrist was thrown( Rev. 20:1-end).

So the battle of Gog and Magog is the battle between the the decendants of Cain the evil seed and the first Adams and the descendants of Seth of the rightous seed just as it was from the beginning.

Prophet Elijah did not know that God had preserved seven thousand souls in Isreal who had not bow to baal but he taught he was the only righteous man as at then( 1 Kings 19”13-18). Apostle Peter thought that the Jews were the only people to receive the baptism of the holy spirt but was surprice that Colenius and the gentile too receive the Holy Spirit baptism thefere he said, “truly, I peceive that God shows not patiality but in every nation and everyone who fears him and does what he like is acceptable unto him(Acts chapter 10).

Moses taught he was the only prophet at his time but was surprise to see Balaam in the land of the Medianites who was a great prophet was asked to curse Isreal but he blessed them instead. So in the same manner the Lord reserved the desendants of Cain and the first Adams for the end-time battle against the sains just as he killed his brother Abel.Therefore Jesus said, the blood of Abel will be demanded in this generation and said the the Devil (refering to Cain) was a muderer from the beginning. Thefore, the Devil will represent Cain to fight the Saints of Seth in the end-time known as the battle of Gog and Magog before his final destruction.

Now as the vision of Gog and Magog was shown to me from the scroll, I began to carry out my research and get in touch with some encycolopideas including Halley bible commentry which also stated that, certain families of the earth were saved during the great flood and each nations or tribes of those family has their own version of the flood similar to the one written by Moses in the book of Genersis. For example the Chinese also has their version of the flood which sated that a centain man who was informed by the gods of the flood , took his family in a boat to a distant land for safty.

The Red Indians of Ameriaca has their own version of the flood. The Babylonians also have their own record of the flood in a similar manner from which their accestors were saved from the great flood and many more. Check through the encycolopidiea and bible commentries for more details.

However those nations who wage war against the camps of the saints will face the White Throne Jugement and shall he thrown into the lake of fire before the new heaven and the new earth will be created in which there will be nothing unlcean and the new Jerusalem shall descend from heaven and land in Isreal, the very location of the Garden of Eden as it was in the days of old.

Watch out for my articles on the "First and Second jugement"

Published: 2006-09-20
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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