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Endurance & Smartness: The key to Success

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Of courage ,smartness and practical thinking

An Invasion by armies can be resisted but not that of an idea whose time has come.-Victor Hugo.

The age of 12-18 is understandably the toughest period in the life of a person. This period by large determined a person’s destiny,because of the very few oppurtunities available after that.

Whether be it academic or sport or any other field for that matter,this period supposedely “determined” if a person could be a successful professional or not. Those who did not do well during this period where not only considered to be incompetent but also doomed to be failures and worthless persons throughout the remainder of their pro-careers.what I would like to convey without being too discursive is that to be different is not essentially to be wrong.

A few years ago,at a gathering I was introduced to a lawyer employed in a reputed firm.He was 28 and remarkably young for his job. During the course of discussion he told me the story of a person who was known to his older colleagues in the organization. The person under question was also a very successful lawyer but unlike other people, he had a very adventurous and exciting journey towards his profession. He was born in a lower middle class family and his mother died when he was very young.Though a skilled a worker his father was unable to generate enough income to bring up his kid in middle / upper middle class levels.As a result of his father changing jobs frequently and moving from place to place, the scruffy boy had to attend whichever school that could provide him with admission. His elementary and higher school records were none too impressive. But even from the bottom of the social stock pile ,a smart kid could look through.

Before too long he realized that if he were to lead a reasonably successful life then he needed to support himself. As chance might have it he came across advertisement from a non-government social service organization specializing in disaster management, for volunteers to work for a period of time in some affected areas in remote corners of the world. The reward would be that the organization would help them for a university degree. He agreed to render his service and on completion of the same ,received assistance from the organization to complete his degree in which he did reasonably well.Since he had experience in working for an organization like that which focussed on practical work he decided that a further post graduation in law could lead him to better avenues. He enrolled himself for a post graduation ,working at weekends to finance the same.On completion of his degree he was snapped by one of the reputed law firms of the time and was successful enough in his chosen career,for the remainder of his life.

What that young man whom I met in the party intended to convey to me was that success need not only be achieved through the IIT,IIM,US,INTEL ,MICROSOFT mantra which most academicians in India like us to believe.It is just about getting an Idea and having the guts to go with it.

I hope I did not bore you with a long lecture.
Published: 2008-01-21
Author: K.Sethumadhavan

About the author or the publisher
A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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