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Eradicate HIV? Yes we can!

a call af war to terminate HIV

Eradicate HIV? Yes we can!

Greetings brethren and sisters and fellow citizen of the global community .A hearty welcome to the troop of vivacious warriors ready for a historic battle. My friend you are welcome. All that we ask from you is to be zealous and have plenty of grit as we take down this global foe. My Valliant warriors allow me to briefly analyze to you the gist of our foes profile.

It came to existence in 1983. Heartlessly, it crept into the lives of many leaving footprints of demise and sorrow. My zeal to utterly smash it was fanned by the tempestuous demise of my parents who fell victim of its claws. According to UNAIDS, 2.5million people were newly infected in 2007 and the south Saharan region had 1.7million people living with the virus. The estimated number of people infected daily is 6800. And here comes the weirdest fact…..the number of people who die daily because of the virus is 5700! My reader do you now see the reason why we should terminate the virus before it terminates us? Let’s fight to retaliate our loved ones. Let’s fight for eternity. Let’s fight for our lives; HIV has no right to claim it. Let’s fight for the next generation because if we don’t, they will curse us for handing to them a world of incipient death. A world minus glee. A world rented with funerals and graves!

A as we tread towards the foe, I guarantee you of an amour called abstinence, a sword called faithfulness and a shield of forbearance. Shout war songs as we approach HIV as a reality. Don’t you dare shun it, for it has never ostracized us. When the swords are drawn no thinking twice. Shout enough is enough to incipient death and pain. The dice is cast, no turning back. Remember a warrior who runs away from a battle lives to fight another day and on this day you may not be guaranteed of victory. Our time is now, think about the future, and think about your family, would you let your career dimmed by a virus called HIV? Think and rethink.

My warriors a sweet victory beckons. I can see it! Just a stone throw distance! Sharpen your swords because victory is only sweet when you are part and parcel of the warriors. Let’s put a halt to this HIV nonsense and sound a stern warning to other would –be notorious diseases. Imagine a future without career hindrance. A future with gleeful families. Imagine a HIV free generation .It begins with you! So my warrior I hope I have summarized to you cogent reasons to fight. The battle line is drawn, no retreat, no surrender…now attack!!!!
Published: 2008-12-06

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i am A Kenyan aged 15(BORN ;6/4/1993)with a strong interest in article witting. i have three brothers and one sister. my interest in writing developed since pre-primary classes.Of late Ive been taking part in several essay writing competitions which i have manage to achieve awesome results.please give me a chance to showcase my skills and i will not disappoint email address is

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