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We don't use anymore "Sexual Impotence", that gives too much a disparaging sense...

Erectile dysfunction refers to a certain inability for the man to achieve or maintain an erection to satisfy his partner during sexual intercourse. To be consider as erectile dysfunction, the incapacity must be recurrent and last on a period of three months or more. Erectile dysfunction can be also just temporary, following by exemple some stressing events.

The mechanism controlling Erection

Erection is not a simple voluntary mechanism. To achieve an efficient erection, a man must be sexually stimulated positive ways. The erection depends of the healthy functioning of organs and systems of the entire body. By exemple, the nervous system is transporting the signals of excitement, the circulatory system is implicated to carry the blood to the penis, the penis itself must be well functioning. We can see and understand then: a good health state is necessary to achieve an efficient and sufficient erection.

Erectile dysfunction is very taboo, even it is a frequent sexual problem for men. The statistics give numbers like: 1 man on 10 will have erectile dysfunction during his lifetime. Around 50 years old, the risks of erectile dysfunction begin and increase significantly. Erectile dysfunctions are from physiological origin ( 50%), psychological origin, or both.

What are some Causes of the Erectile Dysfunction?

- Blood vessels anormalities: vascular problems in the arteries or veins, arterioslerosis, hypertension, high cholesterol level, diabetes.

- Side effects of some Medications: antihypertensives, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antiepileptics, medications for gastric acid as cimetidine, medications for anxiety as ativan, valium.

- Prostate ablation as treatment of prostate cancer: this surgery is causing erectile dysfunction in 50%-60% of the cases.

- Smoking: because it is aggravating arterioslerosis and increasing the inability of the veins of the penis to keep blood.

- Problems of transmission of the nerve impulses by the central nervous system, from the brain to the genital organs and vice versa.

Treatments most popular for Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment best known and used now for erectile dysfunction is: Sildenafil, brandnames: Viagra, Cialis, etc... These pills took orally, are working by dilatation or enlargement of the blood vessels of the penis, this allows more blood to enter and helps to bring on a sufficient erection. It is functioning well only if the person is sexually stimulated and it is not increasing the sexual desire.

* Even Erectile Dysfunction seems a taboo subject, ask for Help... to see a doctor is the first step and very important because there is solutions now for this situation!! It is never too late to Enjoy Life!!
Published: 2006-11-18
Author: Danielle Dery

About the author or the publisher
- Biologist & Linguist
- Medical & Pharmaceutical, Writer & Translator
- Elementary school teacher, specially with children (4-6 years old) needing Speech therapy
- University tutor, Physiology & Nutrition

- Ph.D. Physiology & Nutrition, 1992
- Master in Education, 1990
- Bac. Biology & Pedagogy, 1979
- Bac in Languages, 1996

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