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Escape Rosecliff Island Game: Endearing, Spooky, & Mysterious

Escape Rosecliff Island, 2 Dimensional, Hidden Object Adventure, Game Review, Mysterious, Rating

Stuck on a mysterious private island by a storm, the player will have to seek hidden objects and solve puzzles in order to escape. Escape Rosecliff Island by Spin Top Media Inc is a 2 Dimensional (2D) Hidden Object Adventure game with a dark and mysterious theme. The objective of this game is pretty straight forward. The plot is simple as the title of the game suggests which is to escape Rosecliff Island. Seek the hidden objects and solve various puzzles to escape; it could not be any simpler.


Analogous to the game’s enigmatic theme, the graphics looks like from a horror movie with the use of minimal lighting, worn out buildings, and etc. Despite the low light which is essential to maintain the spooky factor of the game, a similar high quality graphics standard is apparent in Escape Rosecliff Island, akin to the Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child game but much darker. The very detailed and splendid graphics give the first point to the rating.

Game Play

Contrary to the simple plot, the Escape Rosecliff Island is not as easy as it seems. The player will be given the choice of different scenes in which to search for objects, for example at the boat house or cave. Also, keep an eye out for locks as they provide extra points. A suggestion would be to play in the Relaxed Mode which can be found in the Options menu. The no time limit of the Relaxed Mode makes playing the game much easier. For a more challenging game play, the player can just play the Escape Rosecliff Island game in normal mode.

Having a go at the puzzles in this game is fun. A puzzle is provided after the player completes a predetermined set of hidden object scenes. There are many different types of puzzles which include arranging similar items in threes, completing pictures by rotating tiles, and locating words among random alphabets. Some puzzles are fairly challenging as well as disorienting. The latter refers to the rotating tiles puzzle. After completing a puzzle, the player will then receive an escape item in the form of a full gas can, a compass, a bowie knife, and etc. Challenging game play increases the rating by one point.

Innovation & Creativity

The game has objects questionably located inside paintings, etched onto the surface of walls, be part of the landscape, & other unreal circumstances. Unrealistic as it is, this approach to hiding objects is a creative one. So much so you would find yourself staring just inches away from the screen to look for them. Be careful not to click on too many items indiscriminately as this incurs a penalty towards accumulated points. The hidden object searches improve the player’s memory and help to identify obscure things since memorizing the objects to be found makes it easier to scan the scene.

As the game progresses, the player will find that there are more items to find as the amount of scenes in a set increase. Nonetheless, a sense of accomplishment makes object searching fun after a few levels. Concept continuity throughout is good for a game and this one is innovative, incorporating a sense of endearing hopelessness by being monotonous in game play; something appealing to fans of misadventures. Creative and innovative aspects of the game add another point to the rating.


Music in the Escape Rosecliff Island game is predominantly classical with piano and violin played in a cohesive manner to the dark and mysterious theme. Good sound effects of harrowing winds, waves, seagulls, crows, insects, and etc are also apparent in this game; appropriately adapted for every different scene. Good work done here hence another point is given.


Escape Rosecliff Island is not everybody’s cup of tea thus is a unique game and targeted at a niche market. The game is priced at $19.99 or for as low as $6.99 by being a Big Fish Game Club member and is available for play on PC computers with Windows XP/Vista operating systems. The game will be a good buy and value for money provided the player likes dark, gloomy mystery adventures. An impressive final rating of 4/5 is awarded.
Published: 2009-05-11
Author: Abas Kamal bin Sulaiman

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