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Essence of Education for Global Issues

essence of education, global, issues

Essence of education is an all-encompassing yet specific term. We say this because while education covers a wide range of subjects, it also refers to developing understanding and knowledge about core issues in today’s world. Essence of Education, therefore, refers to possessing a wide range of knowledge with considerable depth that can be useful to an individual’s understanding of today’s diverse world.

‘Essence of education’ is considered to be a specific term in relation to today’s global issues. This is because we are faced with crucial situations that need our immediate attention. We require proper understanding and knowledge to work our way through these difficult times. Global Warming is one example of some of the important problems that needs to be dealt with. Essence of Education deals with understanding the reality of situations like global warming, and it encourages people to gain more knowledge about it. With these two elements [knowledge and understanding], we can work our way to finding solutions.

Essence of Education has helped a significant number of people to understand issues of today’s world, such as lack of wealth distribution, human trafficking, global warming, etc. With this understanding, there are many people interested in gaining further knowledge about such issues. There are also many people who will indeed take a step because of the essence of education to do what is right for a given problem.

Essence of Education also tells us about the level of progress and what is being done in terms of combating global or national issues. If we look at problems such as, lack of wealth distribution [poverty] or global warming, we have observed many people coming together in an organized manner to do what’s right. This is because they ‘understand’ these situations, and the essence of education has helped them to be considerate. With more ‘knowledge’ of different situations that face us today, our ‘understanding’ will improve, and we will be able to expand our scope for positive action where required. It is worth adding that there are many more people needed to combat issues that plague us on a global scale.

As you can guess, essence of education emphasizes on ‘understanding’ and ‘knowledge’ of crucial global situations, which is most important for our children today. They need to know and understand these situations more if they are to build a better world to live in. Only focusing on the core elements in the essence of education can help them to achieve this.
Published: 2007-07-15
Author: Glen Magnum

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Glen has been a writer for more than 5 years now. Prior to his experience as a professional writer, he was a high school English teacher.

Glen began his writing career by writing Research Papers, but shifted his attention to Web Content Writing and SEO [Search Engine Optimization] after a couple of years.

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