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Eternity of Love


From the lying-in room of the civilization to the highclass technology, nothing can be seen without erotion & retoration in God's creation.Erotion is sadness & decay and restoration is the stability of knowledge.

And for that, when we take our habituated view of the present society through the warp &woof of daily life, we see a very much real picture.our life-boat is floating in the deep current of sorow-ocean, like a straw. we live the life of misery just to achieve the necton-like flame.At that time the rhythm of poetry goes down & we think that there is no love. It makes us to think that 'my life' is one of those solitary currents.

Philosophy says that there is a relativity between each & everyone.So, we must see the world with relative-views. And the answer of one of those view is that, love is self-confidence & enjoyment is separation. Because, if each life had no connection with another life then civilization cold not walk forward.And so, love is almost like a band whichj creates a roughworld for a life as it can prosper without the help of the other. Because, he has already self-concentrated the image of earthly treasure (because the real treasure is infinity or God which can not be achieved). Then the question arises, if he has self-concentrated everything, then he should turn to a civilization by himself, so isn't love accumulation? Is it separation?

Most truly, love is separation i.e. separation from enjoyment. Because, enjoyment is dependence & love is self-dependence. Here a question also arise, if love & enjoyment are two types of dependence, then aren't they synonymous?

In the answer we can say that love is one type of enjoyment & self-enjoyment is the true color of love. Love wants to say something & the sum of those "somethings"s create a revolution. Ther are three ways of this typical revolution- unsuccess in love, enjoyment of love & depth of love. As love is self-concentration, then the first way to revolution is a draw-back force to the society. The second way is to do well for the society with the help & participation of everyone. And the third one is self-freedom. Self-freedom is the type of love which can revolute the world & the world can be benefitted by following that path of self-freedom.
Published: 2007-05-07
Author: Souvik Maiti

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