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Of failed romances and false hopes, how some princess wishes to find this elusive cupid, who by then rightfully seizes his arrow and with all his mighty brawn, finally casts its spell to the very heart of the unknown prince, and if only there’s an antidote to the venom called heart break, we’ll see less of weary faces and know none of star-crossed lovers.

In love, a person tends settling for what’s ideal or the choice that is seemingly close to what he or she has in mind. We all do. I mean, what’s a feeling worth cherishing but truly finding the man or woman of your dreams? Isn’t it great finally owning that chance, of not plainly dreaming but spending such days, with the one who gladly accepts his destiny with you? We hope to choose partners with steady heads though bare our souls with fragile hearts. It never comes easy so are soul mates coming in flickering light. You know, as well as I do, that choosing is like deciphering the hues of black and white. There will be the grays, ivories, off whites so on and so forth.

Love is supposed to be a great feeling. One that sets our spirits in a high and feeling the spark as others define it. I think and this I tell my friends that perhaps finding love is like working with the unpredictable hands of time. You try finding it, you lose it. You let it go and it comes right through you like a big punch in the face. There is nothing wrong with making things happen like putting yourself out there, exploring every possibility, but making it your personal mission, isn’t worth the hourglass. Besides, the harder you try, the longer you find the list of possible disappointments.

You fall in and out love for different reasons, knowing in fact that this is something that spells commitment and faith, driving people at their best and drowning them in their worst. How yours can be magical or not, beautifully written or even tragically inspired, but I wish that in matters of the heart, we could be one in saying, that love is all about finding happiness with the least words spoken, with more actions given.

Love has its ups and downs, one of which is the risk of losing oneself as you hurdle with it. Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is a true blue aspiration but what happens if we’re worn out trying, what can we do? That for some odd reason, we cannot simply wish for it, unless we act upon our gut or we do something yet fail. That’s the complexity of love. That’s why I admire those who are willing to turn every new leaf, and tirelessly aim anew. Kindly remember how relationships are born out of worth and acceptance, the people you choose to come into your life, might well be the most significant that even with the absence of an intimate partner you can still be complete and happy. Delaying the grudge is lagging behind those tears and facing good old times with family. There’s more to life and you know it.

Being alone adds pressure like a nagging voice speaking in high volume. The fear and the constant nuisances brought by others can either be a driving force or a brink off the road. To each is own, that’s how love settles itself, for it’s you that will do all the deciding, realizing that the advice of a most loyal friend seems eloquently useless. Surprisingly even, you find the most ridiculous and stupid as the most rational thinking there is.

For me, praises go to those who never complain, who manage to go on despite a number of falling-out-of-love sequences. They are the people who can fall short but is always facing a promising road. Theirs is a chase that will continue no matter what and will try to give their hundred percent if they do find their armored knight. Well, for the ones who seem to have missed all their lives, those who face every imaginable pain and might have owned the wall of crying shame, I wish you nothing but strength. It takes time to heal. Such makes you totally spent, but the chase remains open. Love is also a game, my friend. Playing it is a process where only the strong fits in.

Love remains as our breathing air, where we open our lives to friends and strangers alike. Love appears to be the rainbow so is the pot of gold in line. As long as we can find ways to express our concern, care and affection, love will always be knocking at our door.

You may have known anyone or you could be the one dealing with heart breaking loss. Like long-term relationships squandered, prospects appeared twisted, ideals proved wrong, but the joy of love never leave us. Gone not are the memories, happy moments, unforgettable faces, true friends and special places. There is so much about love that we cannot understand until we experience them. The “spark” may not always be there, but believing is also about hope.

We often think ahead, carrying with us the chance of finally having someone, who definitely cares and loves us back. How we see ourselves, attune with the beautiful music, created by two people in love. For love is a fleeting feather in time. It comes and goes. But once it hit us, it surely stays, seeking its way towards the deserving heart. It does not need searching for it usually finds us. It always does.
Published: 2008-02-14
Author: Jinky Lopez

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance writer from the Philippines and has written articles pertaining to travel, migrants and overseas Filipino workers. I am into expository writing and poetry.

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