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Evolution of Revolutions !!! Third in a Row - Biological Revolution

Bio tech , Life Sciences , Gene , Cloning , Growth Hormone , Fertilised Egg

Evolution of Revolutions :
Third in a Row !!! Industrial Revolution --- Information technology Revolution and Now BIO-LOGICAL REVOLUTION – Bio Tech and Life Sciences !!

Good to Mankind:

Bio technology is a Branch of this Science that has brought Good to Mankind.

For example :

The production of INSULIN for Diabetic patients is the Gift of this Branch of Science .
Earlier to this the technique of Insulin production in large volumes was not known.

Studying Bio technology :

By Studying this science , one can delve in to the Causes of Diseases or Learn How to Manipulate Genes of Plants and Animals. Areas like these are helpful to Mankind as they can help say , Cows produce more Milk and leaner meat.

Bio technology has helped explain Why some people are Tall and some Petite?
It was discovered that the Human gene was responsible for the Tall Factor in a person.

Using Mice as specimens the Human growth hormone was isolated and injected in to a Fertilized Egg .

The Fertilized Egg’s Gene material is then incorporated with the Human Growth hormone Gene, and When Developed , produces lot of Growth Hormone . This in turn produces a Tall Transgenic (Manipulation) Mouse .

Incase where it is discovered early that a child lacks a Growth Hormone , the child can be injected with the Hormone and enjoy a Normal Life instead of being a DWARF

Molecular Bio Sciences :
This deals with CLONING , RECOMBINANT DNA Technology , Gene Therapy are the major divisions of this branch and in to day’s world this is the most wanted field as The continued researches are sure to lead to new concepts and theories affecting the Human life itself . They also produce excellent Employment opportunities as this is the GROWTH ENGINE FOR THE 21 ST CENTURY.

CLONING :The process of asexually producing a group of cells (clones), all genetically identical, from a single ancestor. In recombinant DNA technology, the use of DNA manipulation procedures to produce multiple copies of a single gene or segment of DNA is referred to as cloning DNA.

What exactly is cloning?

Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two!
You might not believe it, but there are human clones among us right now. They weren't made in a lab, though: they're identical twins, created naturally. Below, we'll see how natural identical twins relate

So the interesting fields for Education for students can be listed as follows :
1. Bio Chemistry
2. Bio Medical Sciences
3. Bio Technology
4. Food Science and Nutrition
5. Genetics
6. Micro Biology and Immunology
7. Molecular Biology


Published: 2006-04-20
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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Iam a Professional writer dedicated to sharing the knowledge on topics of Public interest, be it Management , Leadership , Social service , World Politics , Personalities , Industries , Health , Computers , Policy making , Governments , Book review etc., Iam from Singapore . My e mail id is :

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