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Exams Are Killing Me


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..what a great fear raised on my mind whenever i thought about exams and whenever my exams sucks me.

Exams is not only a fear for me but a great fear for most of the student also.But exams plays very important role in our life.These are the only exams by which your hidden talents and ability come everyone must take Exam without any hesitation and fear.{and i agree that exams can't be given without any feeling of hesitation and fear,because I'm also a student and can better understand the feeling of this exam fear}[:D]

But in order to be successive we must have learn to give exam confidently,because exams are very important,we all know that very well,that a difference between an idiot and an intelligent can't be raised without these exams.So as in very situation we have to take these exams,then why we can't give them confidently and without any hesitation.The answer is YES,off course we are some tips in Order to be confidential while giving exams =

1}.You should concentrate on your class studies,so that you will be able to learn things in the classroom itself,and then you will be confident about that part of syllabus.
2}.You should learn everything at the time when teacher teaches you then you will surely be confidential at the time of exams.
3}Before giving exams you should drink 2 glass of water.
4}you should not study anything 1 hour before the exams.
5}you should write from a particular pen always,you should not change you pen.
6}.you should attempt that question first,which answer you know very well..

By following these tips and tricks,you will surely be successful in your exam without any hesitation.and fear..
good bye.
thank you friends for reading my review with patience please give your rating and write comments.
Published: 2009-08-30
Author: Apoorva sharma

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