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LOVE is considered true when it comes without any conditions.We tend to or we must love someone with all hisher shortcomings.Our parents love us,our friends love us and they love or accept the way we are.That's nice,obviously good....

Then why do break ups happen?why do we fight on otherwise very trivial matters?Just because you were not expected to smoke in front of her friendsparents or just because you talked Too much with your boyfriend's best friend...But why are they complaining?Have not they accepted you with all your qualities or drawbacks?

YES,they have, BUT they EXPECT you to behave well.Parents want their child to secure good grades and for that they provide every facility,love and nourishment and in return they just EXPECT your good grades.Your boyfriend is very fond of your talkative nature,but wants you to keep mum in front of others,especially his friends.Your girlfriend knows that you cant keep away from smoking for more than two hours,but still gets irritated (when she takes you in her long yawning family functions)when you smoke.

ACCEPT and EXPECT-i often used to refer them as same when i was child.Now i know they are not synonyms,but are agonistic in nature.
Just be cautious when your lover says that he/she accepts you or perhaps expects you to there is just a little difference of sound between the two.

FALL IN LOVE because love is beautiful and light but get ready for the expectations which are coarse and HEAVY.
Published: 2008-02-27
Author: ishu agarwal

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