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Factors that affect Football Betting Lines

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Factors that affect Football Betting Lines

Football is a game where its football betting lines spread for a game about six to seven days before the day of the game. This gives bettors lots of time to think about the side they like and would prefer betting on.

However this can at times create lots of problems for NFL and college football bttors as you never know which way the football betting lines will move. As a rule of thumb, the favorites tend to climb during the week. So as the public starts wagering on the game, you find that you don’t actually go wrong in placing your bets earlier on.

Another point you have to remember about point spreads is that teams that had performed extremely well in a nationally televised game find the point spread moving against them with the passage of time.

Public usually bets on victorious teams

The team that manages a great victory is usually bet by the public. As the public usually bets later in the week, this is when the line usually moves. Moreover, as big team are more likely to be bet on heavily on game day or later in the week, you are better off placing your wager on the team earlier in the week.

You can get an idea of how football point spreads will move by finding out who the public favors early on. You can then expect this same trend to continue in the week. You can find out more about the teams by visiting sites offering public betting percentages and read some of the football newsletters that are published every week.

Weather can affect your choices

If you find these newsletters leading towards one site, it is most likely that the odds will move against that team. This will in turn lead them to receiving most of the wagers. Another interesting factor that affects football spreads is the weather.

This is because if the weather turns bad, some games may be circled to indicate lower betting limits at the start of the week. If you know the weather prediction for a game, you will be at an advantage. As totals may drop a point or two on the game day of games to be played in miserable conditions, it is better to wait as long as possible to ensure that weather forecasts are in your favor.

These are all the tips to bear in mind to predict how football betting lines will move. With some practice and observation, you will be able to make good predictions on how these lines will actually move.
Published: 2009-07-08
Author: Aarti Narang

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