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family values

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The family, according to socilogists, is the base for all growth. Psychologists and spiritual leaders too emphasise that thefamily is the cradle of all virtues. Given the choice between nature and nurtuting, geneticists prefer a greater role for thelatter. In fact in the epicMahabharata, the stress is laid on nurturing the child within the womb with right knowledge. When that is so, the callous manner in which these tender minds and heartsare treated inschols and at homes is shocking. We were all children once and we haveforgotten that phase of innocence. So we think nothing of burdening the children with loads of responsibility. the law does protect them but abuse is rampant. childmothers are a reality inmost developing countries and marriages between incompatibles, the just bloomed flowers ofwomanhood and the worn weary old age specimens , with parental consent, is a common occurence. Especially in poor localities. Sex trade flourishes because the parents are turning greedy.
That is the shady part. even in cases where family life is intact, the children are denied the most essential element for growth-------love and attention. Sages say that family values could be restored if only the parents saw theselves more a tustees of their children. then ownership and al ills associated with ownership stand eliminated.A family is bound by lve, by mutual concern for welfare, by mutual disregard of inconvenienewhencrisis warants it. Given the compulsions f modern living, they stand threaened. A happyfamily is more an exception than the rule. Parents are looked upon as damn goodproviders, reducing them to thelevel of ATMs. suicides are increasing because these proud 'uns think they need nobody's sympathy. they are throwing away a lifetime of opportunity for silly reasons. What we need now is an orchestrated campaign aainst suicides. AIDs can wait, cancer can wait, not the soaring phenomenon of suicides and the fast disappearing family values . If the young are not there, of what use is our echnological triumph?
Published: 2007-12-23
Author: self

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am well versed in all things that matter, and keep myself updated. knowledge, I feel, is a burden and need to be shared. Thisis the minimum duty of a human being.

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