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Fancy Colour Changing Spa Lights in Made in china. Com

Spa LED Light, LED Bath Light

Spa LED Lights: new fantasy creator

People of the modern time begin to pay more and more attention to the spiritual enjoyment as well as the physical enjoyment. Various housing decorations appear in the market, and the market of bath accessories develops especially fast. Frontway Enterprise Co., Ltd. seizes the timing to promote its new product Spa LED lights. This spa LED lights, also called LED Bath lights, can make the customers’ bathroom and bath time much more agreeable. Since this spa LED light can automatically change the color of its light, it can create a most fantastic land of dream in the customers’ bathrooms, which makes the bath time much more relaxing and enjoyable for the customers both physically and spiritually.

Brief Description about the Spa LED lights

Frontway Enterprise Co., Ltd. promises the customers that the spa LED lights are made of 100% waterproof material so that the worries that they may cease working in a watery condition are absolutely unnecessary. What’s best, the customer can appreciate the fancy lights not only by sticking them to the sides of the bathroom tiles by using the integrated sucker foot, but also by floating them on the bath water or even putting them under the water. For each spa LED light, as you can see in the picture, the original light itself glows yellow, but spa LED light shell colors randomly in blue, pink, red, green and yellow.

Spa LED lights: Higher quality but lower cost.

Spa LED light employs the most advanced light emitting diode which is often used to transform electric power into light. It is different from the light bulbs in that it generates light through electric field rather than tungsten filament. This kind of light is much brighter and continuous. Moreover, the light of spa LED lights is very healthy because it does not produce any harmful radiation. Since spa LED light is designed for house using, economic elements are also considered in the practical use. On one hand, this new spa LED light has an obvious advantage of power saving. For example, Each Spa Light will stay continuously lit for 120 hours when powered by a fresh set of 2 x AAA alkaline batteries. On the other hand, it also has an unusual long life-span. Each spa LED light can be used in normal condition for over six years. Due to the above two advantages, spa LED lights easily win the preference of most customers. Right now, made in has provided with customers, home and abroad, a direct channel to contact the supplier of spa LED lights for purchase.

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Published: 2008-05-05
Author: ellie

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