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Fast weight loss by healthy balanced diet

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There are many things one can do to shed pounds. Losing weight quickly can be dangerous. Fad diets diet pills, and fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss, these methods can cause you to lose muscle and may also injure your heart and other organs. Don’t believe in an overnight miracle. Instead, you should follow some steps to lose fat rapidly, healthily, and sustainably.

You don’t have to be 100% accurate, but you do want a good estimate of the number of calories you’re taking in. But atleast know your daily calorie intake. Losing weight is simply expending more calories, through exercise and your daily activities, than you take in. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight if you’re still taking in more calories than you burn. A healthy diet is important for overall health, so you should look at what you eat.

Just because you’re getting healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat snack. In fact, eating small meals and snacks throughout the day (grazing) has been shown to aid weight loss (compared to eating three large meals) by keeping metabolism steadier. Pick snacks that are low in calories and fat and high in fiber (dried apricots, nuts, rice cakes, fruits, baby carrots, baby tomatoes, and so on). Vegetables are generally very low in calories, very high in fiber, and full of flavor and nutrition. Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes, and try to eat vegetables plain, without fatty dressings or dips. Fruit also makes a good snack. Fruit contains more soluble fiber than vegetables, which slows your body’s absorption of carbohydrates, thus releasing energy slower (preventing sugar highs) and keeping you full longer. Fruit juices are okay, but are not a replacement for the real thing. You need that fiber, and juices often have more calories than the equivalent serving of fruit–as many calories as soda! Be careful with dried fruits, because without the water, you tend to eat more, and fruits–when dried–are calorie-rich per ounce.

Your diet should also include 5 portions of carbohydrates. It includes daily cereals, pasta, rice, noodles, oats and other cereals, potatoes, bread and sweet potatoes atleast one of it should be taken in meal.

Dairy products are good for healthy body like milk; yoghurt and cottage cheese but don’t take butter and cream. Choose lean meats. Chicken and fish are both very low in fat (and certain fish like salmon, sardines, and fresh tuna are an excellent source of antioxidants which is also beneficial to your health), so aim to replace some or all of the beef or pork in your diet with these foods.

Be realistic. Healthy weight loss can be achieved fairly quickly, but you’ll need to be patient don’t expect a miracle. You should set realistic goals. Make sure that the weight you’re trying to attain is a healthy weight for you.

Published: 2007-04-04
Author: Kalpana tripathi

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Iam very sensitive and emotional person and always believe in moving ahead


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