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Fight Against Insomnia ! the Secrets for a Good Sleep

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A few months ago i have had insomnia, so my social and my private life also were just destroyes.There was nothing to try anymore!

My work colleagues, my family, my friends,they were all asking about what was happening.It just doesn t seem to be something serious, but i have thought the same and i ve been affected in a very bad way.I was just staring at the ceiling all night long, counting sheep or watching late-night TV, tossing and turning over and over again.I was lieing in bed, wideing awake in the middle of the night. There was no way for me to catch the dreamland express.

My mind wass racing a mile a minute, but the alarm clock next to the bed keeps ticking and the minutes pass by like hours.

The doctors descovered i was suffering of chronic insomnia,with profund underpinnings,and they have automatically prescribed a pill ,and another,but there was no result.Sleep is also a learned behavior,so the problem could be a psychiatric disturbance.My job performances,my daily life and also my emotional life were reaching the lowest point possible.

I have read a lot of studies about my insomnia ,so i have been able to make a summary of some very useful tips for a better sleep.They have been really good for me.It was un unexpected situation, but i didn t had anything to loose.

1.Be tired! Often it's hard to sleep because, even though you had a rough day at the office and your had is full of bad thoughts, your body seems to be still too full of energy. In this case, make an evening stroll before bedtime. The fresh air and the walk will make you feel tired.I'm not talking about an aerobic workout for real,because you will have even more vitality after.

2.Make a hot bath before bedtime.It should not be too long - 20 minutes just to help you relax - and not excessively hot. Use relaxing bath salts or flavours, but forget about citrus mint flavours.Listen to relaxing music - something slow with the sounds of nature. Attention, however, do not sleep while the music is still playing, a part of you will be focused on it.
3. Pay attention to stress and lifestyle-The main causes of insomnia are: stress, anxiety, some physical problems and mental illnesses as: any pain, inability to breathe in the position of sleep and depression. Environment and lifestyle may also be the causes of insomnia:the noise, un uncomfortable bed, too much sugar during the day, coffee, eating late,or menopause . The causes are various. Try to change your lifestyle before anything else.

4.- Do not take sleeping pills without prescription,not even for a short period of time. The sleeping pills have side effects and disturb the natural habits of sleep phases. You can use used natural products to stimulate sleep and prevent insomnia.

5. Remove meat from the evening meal: the flesh contains tyrosine, which acts as a stimulant of mental the processes ;The evening meal should contain vegetables Green food stimulates the serotonine, a substance produced by the brain with a relaxing effect. There are some foods that helping the body to relax such as milk or turkey, camomile, the herbal tea, potatoes, bread and bananas.

6.Learn a method of relaxation ( training, yoga, meditatio- are the best known) to reduce the tension of you mind and body;

7.For those who do not have allergy problems a glass of warm milk at bedtime is a cure-known since antiquity ;

8.During the endless night, prepare a chamomile tea or lavender, lime or passionflower ;

9.Go to bed only for sleeping and when you want to sleep.Other activities such as eating, reading or watching television should not be done in bed ;

10.Limit, in the hours before sleep, activities as the study or intense physical activities ;

11.The habit to check emails or watch television before you get in bed is not a wise decision, because the results of research are showing that people who have this habit are sleeping worse than those who are not. ;

12.You must also:-Set a rigid sleep schedule seven days a week

-don't waste your time in bed

-Set aside some "quiet time" before bed.

-don't turn your bed into an office or a den.

-Avoid stimulants as coffee, colas, chocolate, alcohol

-find more about your medication

-Examine your work schedule

-Eat a light snack before bedtime

-Create a comfortable sleep setting

-Turn off your mind

-Learn and practice relaxation techniques
Published: 2008-11-06
Author: Andra Picincu

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelancer writter and I also have a lot of studies in nutrition.

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