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Finding Inner peace

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Developing Inner Peace,

Years ago looking for inner peace, I looked but it was not there! You have to come to terms with what your life is, what it has been, what it has bought you, who you are, and what the story is. And accept that is is, perhaps not the story you thought it would be in the beginning. Coming to terms with all that and preserving a capacity for love help me find inner peace.

Solitude brings me some inner peace too , moments of solitude. Nature watching the ocean, and marveling at the season, the sun, the rain, the smell of the earth. A good book and contemporary music, which brings me peace, but is sometimes so peaceful and relaxing, it is almost heartbreaking and transports you to another world far away in your mind.

Personally I think you probably would feel more inner peace further down the track in life, than the beginning, or the middle of life. Before you have found your direction in life (calling), when you are not so full of anxiety, you can look back at things and think. Are things as they should be? "Yes!" then you have found inner peace.

Do not loose heart when you see difficulties it is part of your life story. Everything in life is important and takes time, nothing falls from heaven to make things simple. When I am in a terrible mood, I remind myself that you have to forgive other people as much as yourself and as one forgives oneself so much, one should be a little generous about other people as well. Unless our minds are stable and calm no matter how comfortable our physical condition might be they will give us no pleasure. Therefore, the key to a happy life, now and in the future, it is important to develop a happy mind.
Published: 2008-04-26
Author: Barbara Haynes

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I am 55yrs old, mother of two wonderful girls, now days I am picking up writing and reading after many years of being on the side lines with illness. I have only been a computer owner for 18 months. Since my daughters married I have been trying to re-educate myself with my computer it has been hard work but I am enjoying myself especially looking up subects and doing research for myself. I also love my dogs 2 small chihuaha xbreed dogs.

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