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Finding the right bed mattress futon that meets your requirements

bed mattress futon

The Japanese version of the bed mattress futon is quite different and better than the American counterpart.

Finding the right bed mattress futon that meets your requirements for style and comfort is not always an easy task. Part of the problem lies in the simple fact that a bed mattress futon is a relatively unusual surface for Westerners to use for bedding. However, the item is increasingly gaining popularity among American households and is swiftly become a staple for many homes in the United States.

It does take a little time to get used to sleeping on a bed mattress futon. I stayed with a friend of mine and she conveniently had a bed mattress futon couch in her living room. This created a great guest area for me during my stay. The area was great, but the furniture was not so wonderful. I had a great deal of trouble getting to sleep.

Years later, I was again a guest who had sleeping arrangements that involved the dreaded bed mattress futon couch. The second time I slept like a log. The newer bed mattress futon was quite comfortable. It had a nice, thick mattress and it provided me with adequate kicking space during my rest. The two pieces of furniture were quite different.

I later discovered that the second version was a cheap rip-off of an authentic Japanese bed mattress futon. The first one I slept on was an import from Japan. The real thing was much more expensive and it is of much greater value than the cheap imitation. Nevertheless, I was happier sleeping on the cheap bed mattress futon for a number of reasons.

The Japanese version of the couch-bed is quite different than the American counterpart. The Japanese bed mattress futon is relatively thin. Its mattress is about two or three inches thick. The filling is completely made of cotton. From what I understand it is completely made of staple cotton. This is the most expensive material extracted from a cotton ball during harvesting. However, this expensive cotton is quite heavy and doesn’t have the fluffy texture we normally associate with a pillow or mattress topper.

My friends find my tastes to be very entertaining. They occasionally make comments about my preference for a cheaply made bed mattress futon over an imported masterpiece. I guess that I just like the feel of home. Staying overnight often leads to a restless night’s sleep. Trying to rest on a foreign surface while in a foreign place can present a real challenge for a guest. The authentic Japanese bed mattress futon was wonderful to visit but I wouldn’t want to sleep there.

Shop online to find the best bed mattress futon at the best price. You can even by your bed mattress futon form Japan and they will delivery it to your place.
Published: 2006-08-18
Author: Eric Raymond

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