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Five simple rules to make your product presentation more interactive, thus increasing the sales

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Each problem is allowed on Earth so the people find a solution to it, thus the humanity can prosper.
Yesterday, my best friend and I went to a banking product presentation. For me it was the second time, for my friend was the first acquaintance with the product. Having had known the product already, from the previous presentation held by a much more experimented agent, I could concentrate on the way the beginner presented the product and spot five minuses to which I have corrections, which could turn into five pluses for you. My friend got bored from the very first ten minutes of the presentation, the opposite of what happened to me the other day. The presentation started like a by heart recitation of the company’s history and its place in the market, not at all in an interactive way.

Rule number one: Never forget that every single person in your auditorium is there to find how your product can help him or her to be a step closer to his/her dream.
So your first attempt to present a product should start by asking your audience, randomly selected, what is expecting from that presentation, what is his/her general goal. Then, according to the problems raised, show how your product is each time the best solution to each particular problem. People will relate, will get a better sense of your product, will memorize more and will be able to talk with their friends about how great is your product.

Rule number two: Never attempt to publicly present a product before you master every single detail of the material, memorize precisely the numbers you must use in your presentation and know where from results a certain idea, at which page is that chart, so on, making it look as professional it can be. Otherwise, it will appear to your audience that you depend on your material and you read it together for the first time. Make sure that all the mechanical or electronic devices you use in your presentation work properly. Reload illustrations while you make a funny remark or they answer a question, to avoid the “dead time”.

Rule number three: Never say you know better than your audience; you may never know precisely what guru happened to be among your audience, use comparison with yourself instead. Say I understand in this domain much better than I do in kitchen, for example, and it will be a plus for you at the humor category. Don’t hesitate to use personal example. The more you relate to your audience, the greater the impact of your product on them.
You will be surprised to know the public opinion related to statements like: “Our Company is the first in the world at…” People believe that your company made the statistics in its favor.

Rule number four: Ask your audience what is the source they trust, what is the criteria by which a company should earn the first prize or be the number one in a certain top. Have your answers handy as a continuation of what it has just been said. What a present surprise for them to discover that the very same sources they trust listed your company on the top of the first ten highest yearly turnovers, for example.

Rule number five: Reinforce everything you mentioned about your product by asking people with expertise in various fields from your audience to give you their honest opinion about the product you have just presented. After having developed your own trademark presentation, your sales would skyrocket and audience will accept nothing less than the famous you presenting the product to their new prospects.
Published: 2006-04-21
Author: Aliaa Bostan

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