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Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

On May 12th 1820 Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy. She was a lady from a wealthy family. She had a passion for dancing in operas and in hotels. But she found some interest in learning nursing. But when her parents came to know about it they forbade her, but she continued learning them secretly. Her friend, Sidney Herbert helped her a lot.

She decided to learn and help the sick. Sidney Herbert, who was an army reformer, gave her a chance to serve the sick during the Crimean war. She wrote many letters to inform all the army officers about the sanitary problems. At last she managed to get nurses with her. She was a well disciplined lady. She even went during midnight, with a lantern to take care of the sick. Thus she was named as the Lady with a lamp. But many opposed her activities.

But she was not discouraged. In later years, she started training schools for nurses. She became world famous for her service during the Crimean war. But she refused to accept the popularity. She served the sick throughout her life and lived whole her life for them. She became tired and weak, but she remained quiet and calm. Her eyesight began to fall, she could not even walk. When she received award from the Queen, she was unable to recognize anything. In her life, she achieved a lot. She made plans for the modern hospitals. She died a peaceful death, while sleeping, on 1910.
Published: 2008-04-23
Author: Pam Brown

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