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Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights

In recent years, fluorescent lights are gaining popularity. It has multiple uses depending upon need, budget and environment. A fluorescent light or lamp is simply a gas-discharge light or lamp for which a simple technology is used. Under this simple technology electricity is used to expand vapor of mercury in the presence of some inert gases like argon, neon etc, which produces ultraviolet light of short wave length and this light is fluoresced to produce light. In every fluorescent light there is ballast to control the power flow to the light or lamp.

Fluorescent lights have negative resistance; if more electric current flow to the light the electrical resistance power of the device drops. This excess flow of electric current may destroy the device itself. Therefore to control such unusual flow of electric current there is a ballast to regulate the flow of the current to the device. At present there are many sophisticated fluorescent lights are available in the market. It has not been possible over night to produce such good fluorescent lights. The history of fluorescent light goes back to the 18th century. Innovation and experiment have made it possible to produce better fluorescent light to meet the requirement of our modern life.

Fluorescent lights now a day have multifaceted usages. Fluorescent light producing companies are producing varieties of lights in recent years to meet the demand of the people. Such fluorescent lights are now available of different shapes and sizes. In recent time the compact fluorescent light is gaining much popularity.

The demand of the fluorescent light comes from two angles - the common household demand and the business establishment demand. The household demand of the fluorescent light is little limited. Common people generally use such fluorescent lights in the basement, kitchen and some other places. But the fluorescent lights are increasingly used in the business establishments, schools and offices. Fitting of the fluorescent lights in your office with perfect color combination will improve the look of your office. In USA, people are increasingly using such fluorescent lights to get tax reduction. Environmental awareness is another reason for which the fluorescent lights have become so popular.

Fluorescent light has not only become popular in the United States it also has become popular in Asian countries. It is now gaining popularity in India, South-east Asian countries and gulf countries. You will find fluorescent lights in office, building and public places. According to a recent law, Australia has banned use of incandescent bulbs. However there is no rule regarding the use of fluorescent light. But it is hoped that fluorescent light will also become quite popular in a few years. Very soon such fluorescent light also will become popular in Canada and Finland as their Law making bodies has decided to ban incandescent bulb lights.

A fluorescent lights have some advantage over incandescent lights. They are much efficient and has higher luminous efficacy. The durability of the fluorescent light is more than its previous counterpart. Apart of this fluorescent lights are energy saving and environment friendly. However they are associated with certain disadvantages. Such lights are associated with mercury poisoning. It is also associated with some health hazards.

In the coming years, the business of fluorescent light will grow faster. Such lights will become popular in different countries of the world. To meet the demand, production of fluorescent light should be more.
Published: 2008-04-22
Author: Prafulla Nath

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