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Flying Jeepney: 5 & 6

Wild, Crazy, Love, Manila, SIngapore, Johor Bahru, Vietnam,Malaysia


her friend Jenn invited her to Davao, she was thinking of Abu Sayyaf and his group.
oh, davao.
she met a guy named Arnel in Singapore Post.
he told her he like to read and watched the sunset.
he told her his secret, so dramatic.
As stories in those books.
She still thinking of Jenn's invitation.
She like Jenn, and most of her friends will think she is a lesbian.
Hmm...she like Jenn, her hair as silk.
Her brithish mood. Jenn told her taht she is a teacher.
She went home at 930pm. She SMS Jenn she will be late.
Jenn posted her a letter with 3 kisses in 2004.
What Jenn wanted to tell her?
3 kisses.
She will go to Davao next month, with Jenn?she might be fall in love with her special friend: Jenn.
A bird flew over her head.
She has a knife in her bag.
Oh, Davao.....!


Then she met Virgie, a sun shine girl, 22.
She: "when will u going to meet John?"
Virgie: "i don' tknow."
She: "will u going to meet his sister too?"
Virgie: "i don' tknow."
Virgie went into the store and bought a can of soft drink.
She told her she about to go to the Vitory bus station.
Then she saw a guy, chinese walked toward her.
the 2 shadows were long and narrow.
She saw the bus station.
She called to her mother in Singapore that she wanna go to Davao with Jenn.
Oh, she love Jenn.
She called Jenn, but no one answered the phone.
She don't know if she brave enough to go Binmaley to meet Jenn.
She planed to visit Manila & Ifugao....but...she changed her mind: she wanna try something new in life....she will fly to Clark then to Manila and get herself a ticket to DAVAO......and she will visit banana plantation there. Abu Sayyaf. She might be die on the road, or somewhere.....
She love Jenn's voice, she just like a jazz singer in some singapore jazz bar.
And the 4 girls she met in V2.

Published: 2006-09-27
Author: Sam Seen

About the author or the publisher
i spend most of my time in writing, drawing (comics) and singing for my rock band.
i wanna get published and get some cash for lively longer time on this planet.

i like travelling in South East Aisa.
I miss my grandma.
i miss my lover.


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