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Flying Jeepney 7 & 8 &9

Wild, Crazy, Love, Manila, SIngapore, Johor Bahru, Vietnam,Malaysia


Cammy jumped into the bus to Johor Baru, the bus driver asked her where she from.
She saw some birds on the wire. Black.
Her mother warned her come back if not she will not given money to her.
She didn't eat anything this morning.
The bus, 170, full of cows. Lot of muslim and buddist and christian.
The bus driver asked her where she from, again.
She took out her knife.
And, she took out her note book.
She drew a pig in blue ball pen.
She found nothing left in her bag.
The sky is purple. A chinese at her back.
Cammy in JB now, Malaysia southest city, she changed some Malaysia Ringgit.
Straits of Johore.


she wrote:
1-8-2006, my saddest day. J has left.
I didn't follow her to Davao, in 3.
I cann't.
I will tear myself in pieces.
I will jump into Mount Apo.
I will miss her British Mood always.
I will keeps her image: She was in her camera, in her room, TV was on at her back, light flashes on the wall. I fallen into her. She is so attractive with her mood, her hair as wave.
I wishes her all the best in the future and have many luck.
She is gone, so do i.
She fly to DAVAO, I will go to Laoag.
Life have tear us apart....
Our last conversation over the phone: 28-7-2006; last chat in yahoo MSN: 1-8-2006.
I cherish our friendship and short relationship, the most wonderful feeling I ever had in the past 3 years.....
2 Tagalog by J to me.


i met Joe-Ann last night: 6-8-2006, 7:20pm.
i didn't know if she knew me, she is John's friend
She is attractive.
She is a mazzy star.
I fall into her in the 1st sight.
I went to post office with a blank postcard in hand.
Manila Post Offcie.
I found the hotel in Ong Pin Street.
Lai Lai Hotel.
I am going to meet an old pal whom my father's uncle.
I am going to pass him a knife from my grand father.
I met him.
I passed him the knife; He passed me an envolop and a picture.
He asked her youngest daughter out from the room.
"Do u like her?" The old man said.
She is shy.
"Bring her to Canada." The old man said.
Laoag will be the place we fly to the sky....
i wanna kiss her.

Published: 2006-09-27
Author: SAM SEEN

About the author or the publisher
i spend most of my time in writing, drawing (comics) and singing for my rock band.
i wanna get published and get some cash for lively longer time on this planet.

i like travelling in South East Aisa.
I miss my grandma.
i miss my lover.


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