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Flying Jeepney No 3-4

love, Manila, Lucky Plaza, Singapore, V2


here she wrote:
so, cammy, u take care too.
i am not confirm yet if i visit Manila.
May be after yr delivered date, may be never.
i don't know.
Life is terrible unstaible.
i am sad,
i wanna to die for ending my time in this earth, this planet.
If one day u didn't get my reply for more than 6 months then i might be ended my life in some place.
U know DAVAO?
someone invites me to go there.
i am not sure.
she and her friends might be killed me on the journey to banana plantation.....
i am not scare.
i just worring.
but u be strong, OK.
hindi masama,
all the best.


this noon, he was so bored.
Lisa SMS him that she will organise her B'day party in Amaran.
He met Lisa in 2004 in a friends' B'day party.
The friend died last year in a car crash, in JB.
He remembered her words.
Here is raning now but no one with him.
He is 28 now.
He went to HK in 2000 and back 2001, June.
He went to Isabella 2001 November, met lot of people from Ifugao.
He met a lady: Lily.
now he is back to SG.
He is so bored, this noon, in this tiny island.
He is sad, so sad.
He wanna kill himself and sing Lily a maroon 5's song: SECRET!
Lily went back to Philippines in March 2006 and stay in Tuguegarao City with her parents.
Lily is the only kid in the family.
Lily is a flower.
A bulaklak.
Published: 2006-09-15
Author: Sam Seen

About the author or the publisher
i spend most of my time in writing, drawing (comics) and singing for my rock band.
i wanna get published and get some cash for lively longer time on this planet.

i like travelling in South East Aisa.
I miss my grandma.
i miss my lover.

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