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Food cravings

Food cravings


Cocoa butter melts in the mouth at just below room temperature. Many women crave chocolate premenstrual, which also suggests a hormonal link.

To control the cravings, take a supplement, or by eating nuts, whole grains, and spinach. When eating chocolate on a empty stomach, this makes your cravings stronger.


If you are hankering for a steak, you are probably hungry, rather than just seeking emotional satisfaction, this can also be when you are angry, you feel like chewy foods. Craving for food.


Whether it's jellybeans or marshmallows, you're probably after the instant energy lift that sugar gives. A rapid rise in blood glucose is followed by a rapid fall, stimulating further sugar cravings.

To control your cravings, base your diet around lower-glycaemic carbohydrates, such as grainy bread and porridge. These are digested slowly and help smooth out blood-sugar fluctuations. A protein snack can be a handful of prawns or half a can tuna, this may also stop sugar cravings.

Pasta and bread

Craving bread and pasta in most cases can be favourite foods. When you are in a bad mood, macaroni cheese are similar to a hug from a loved one. To control your cravings, swap wheat-free versions, if you suspect an intolerance
Published: 2009-10-26
Author: Devika Primic

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