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Fools follow fools

Innovation just for innovation?

New era, new century, new year... The world is marching ahead. Inventions, discoveries, ideas and concepts help mankind to make life more worthy and fruitful. We try to be innovative in all steps of life. The youth is being advised to attempt anything and every thing in a different way. Innovation gives a new feeling and this helps to draw more attention. Not just the professionals but even commoners know about this 'innovation manthra'. Every body tries this way. No doubt, in so many cases it brings positive result. But at the same time, at least in a few we should be suspicious about the outcome. If it is only an innovation for innovation, the chances of attaining a positive result is less. Even it may become awkward. The brains (if it could be addressed so!) behind the idea will become mere laughing stalk.

It is relevent to discuss the reasons which lead to the failure of an innovation. Basic premise of the birth of an innovative idea is nothing but necessity. From necessity to innovation what is very much needed is generation of idea proper planning for better implementation. If any of the abovesaid two legs of innovation is not fitting to standards the whole process is going to be a failure. All the effort taken to develop different stages of the whole process is going to be of no use if any one of the stages are not wellplanned. A good innovative idea if not planned well is not going to give success. Same is the case of a well planned implemantation plan without a good innovative idea to implement.

In short, total co-ordination has key role in deciding the result of an innnovation. Quality of all the stages are to be assured. But nowadays, unfortunately, those running for innovation is not ready either to spend more manpower or fund to get innovative concepts implemented. They want to show miracle without much expense. Quality manpower is not being considered as a required thing by the new generation management. Anybody can do anything is their concept. They believe that through conferences and reminders they could even miracles happen. But in practice we could see that the ideas are not getting implemented well through these techniques alone. But to cover up his own failure, new generation manager finds out a solution. He himself would prepare a report about his own implementation techniques present it to his superiors. He himself would claim that he along with good team could convert the innovative idea into a real success and it brought enough glory to the company. The top management people who finds some result in the activity is sure to believe the paid employees' report. Feeling comfortable on going the report of success story they feel very happy and some times proud of oneself. In this mindset could they even imagine of a situation of implementing the idea more better and making better results.

In brief, instead of getting best results what these people are getting is just good ones. Instead of getting best ideas what these people are getting is only mere good ones.
Published: 2009-02-06
Author: Radahakrishnan.A.K.

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Journalist by profession. Interested in writing history, English literature, developmental issues, politics, etc.

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