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For An American Soldier In Iraq.

American soldier, daring destiny, borrows courage,flat earth, stories of bravery, unlived time,pregnant wife, spending herself

Pregnant wife
Waits at home
Daring destiny to take quick decision
Tired of spending herself bit by bit
Can’t stand the strange smell of flowers
Life is walking a few steps
From drawing room to the bed room
Love, a deliberate attempt to breathe
Future means going down to the street
Every evening
The war is on

Mother borrows courage
From unknown sources
Just to forget for sometime
That she is still alive
The city is silent for many days
As if all know what she is thinking
Speaking is a painful process
Let the time go unnoticed
Unlived for sometime
The war is on

Father of the brave soldier works
For a multinational
That has offices in many countries
Some allying with the enemy
His son is fighting to win
What ?
Perhaps he would know from newspaper editorial
For the time being
The war is on

War makes unknown men enemies
Enemies have to fight to survive enemies
And then have to die to survive enemies

War makes history
And history makes war

Man was never thought to be so dangerous by men
That he needs to be killed before he blinks
Nations were never so congenial in their talks
But man is different
He needs to die
He needs to be killed
For nations to live in peace

Nations live on globe
And men on the earth
Fighting in a foreign land is like
Walking on a flat earth with a sharp end
From there
The stories of bravery never travel back home
Published: 2007-06-10

About the author or the publisher
Trying to live many lives in one. A village urchin to high-profile media professional,a roller coaster ride.A rebellious school teacher in a desire to do something became a disinterested Intelligence officer in the government.Went against what the heart wanted and excelled in the field. Declined the Presidential honour. Quit at the peak and took plunge in the industry of Films and Television. Writing was always there.A poet,film writer with different view about god and religion and science.

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