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Forgiveness, what is

mercy, justice, forgetting

forgiveness is much touted . We the humans arrogate to ourselves the role of judge as well as executioner when we think we have been wronged and slighted by the other party. The evidence may point to it,but only on the surface.There are always deeper reasons and they are beyond our ken.

Religious persuasions differ from countrytocountry and region to regionand some religions mistakenly project this life as the only one that matters. That is whywe take it too seriously. were we to tyreat this life as a transit halt and this world as a platform for highergrowth, our perspectiveis bound to change. Then we see ourselves more as trustees of the poverty or mere tenants.The sense of belonging attains a different colour. Like a maintenance man in a factory we see our role in the broader canvas of growth and opportunity. Whatever our position, we then become facilitators of the process of growth and evolution and not thwe authors and architects as we pretend to be now.From this shall ensue good neighbourlinessand the willingness to wink at other people's weaknesses. Forgiveness arises from a sense of superiority. Forgettingbecomes automatic when we realise that we are all co-passengers on Planet Earth express.

To the extent we jurney together we are pals. How cansuch atemporary relationship entertain lasting liabilities like rights and wrongs and injustices sometimes perceived by us. So the attitude develops, sometimes unexpressed. You overlook my faults andi shall look past yours. It is camaraderie in the true spirit. in such an environment of charith for all and goodwill to all who come in contact with us, the very word forgiveness becomes redundant. Judge not lest ye be judged becomes our credo.Try it by all means. in srriving for this stage lies our human-ness.
Published: 2007-11-28
Author: self

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am well versed in all things that matter, and keep myself updated. knowledge, I feel, is a burden and need to be shared. Thisis the minimum duty of a human being.

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