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Forms of Beauty

Beauty, Wonder, Girls

A friend of mine, recently, sends me a picture of something (actually someone) that he, in fact, most of my friends, except me, consider beautiful. It is a picture of a female, devoid of clothes in vital areas and curves.

Though you may argue that the picture was sexy rather than being beautiful, let’s face it, ugly can’t be sexy. But that’s not what my argument is about; here I want to enlighten my same friend about the forms of beauty.

A winter’s evening ,when the sun has just been confined beyond the horizon and varying shades of wild, red forms abound the sky and the shadows slowly stretch to be united in the dark and a thin , hazy mist descends down to veil the crisp, cold air and a frightened child cuddles in her mothers arms…….is this beauty?

Or on a rainy, wet afternoon, when schools are closed, and the children come out in street to dance around in the tiny refreshing drops, and the feeling of genuine amazement and wonder which lingers on their face and how the freshly cleansed air and the resplendent greenery echoes with their pure laughter……is this beauty?

Or as the vast ocean extends forever and you stand on the shore feeling liberated as if everything is possible and your imagination runs wild as the waves crash on the sand and echo the air around you with unbound energy and you feel you are ready to take on the whole expanse of world…….is this beauty?

If you believe in either of them, then my dear friend, true beauty has no form, its just what nature (read God’s canvas) presents to us. Its there for you to see, feel, imagine, hear every day and every moment of your life…….be liberated!

And otherwise, of course, on a winter’s evening as pretty girls stroll in streets with tight sweaters and even tighter jeans, that’s beauty. Or on a rainy day when their drenched clothes hug their wax like bodies, that’s beauty. Or as the vast ocean ends in a beach and you let your imagination run wild as the two piece clothing reveal the real curves…..that’s beauty.

For you to decide.
Published: 2008-11-08
Author: aamir mahmood(self)

About the author or the publisher
i am a 23 year old chemical engineer by profession from india. am intereted in writing short stories and poems..though have a desire to make it as a movie/theatre script writer some day. thats it for now.....

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