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From Exploitation to Education

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From Exploitation to Education :
Child Labor and Child Sex Tourism :

Child Sex Tourism :

Like How Medical Tourism with Harvest On Organ Transplantation is growing at a Rapid speed , Child Sex Tourism also facing an exponential growth – A dangerous trend for Humanity !!

New Harbour:

Russia is the new Harbor for child sex tourism with Ports of Pornography and Infrastructure for all these Illegal activities like Human trafficking , Sex slaves etc etc .

Child pornography:

This is also found as a rapidly growing Russian industry with little condemnation offered by light court sentences.

Cruelty and Exposure to Child Torture :

The Russian variety tend towards a particularly cruel emphasis on scenes of child torture, write the authors of Inventory and Analysis of the Current Situation and Responses to Trafficking in the Russian Federation, a 150-page reported funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Established system as an institution for Child abuse:

"Like human trafficking cases of adults, this level of exploitation affecting children has become such that the problem is becoming institutionalized and operating as an established system.

Mechanisms of such exploitation are becoming part of 'standard' economic and social practices and are operating relatively openly," says the report.

Threat on a Global scale:
"The growing rate of child trafficking and dealings involving minors is becoming a threat on a global scale.

Transitional economies, which include Russia and the whole CIS region, are a 'breeding ground for trouble' in this area.

Child trafficking is widespread both within these countries and across their national borders," write the report's authors.

Some experts claim approximately 20 – 25% Moscow's between 80,000 and 130,000 sex workers are minors, says the report.

The most conservative estimates claim not less than 17,000 minors are sex workers within Russia. The report notes that one in seven of the 92 criminal charges about "adults" coerced into prostitution in 2002 turned out to involve minors.

Laws against Child Sex Tourism:

USA , Canada, UK have laws specifically against child sex tourism with penalties ranging from 10 to 30 years, the report says.
It claims Russian laws citing "trafficking in minors" and "organization of prostitution with deliberate use of minors" do not explicitly target child sex tourism and says "punishment envisaged for these offences" is only a maximum four-year prison term.

Misuse of Internet:
"There is an explosion of slavery in the world and of highly professional and sophisticated child exploitation in this region . Traffickers have organized themselves, exploiting technologies like the internet.

Major Human rights abuse of the new century:

Global trends show human trafficking is increasing in such a way that we don't know where its going. It ranks as one of the major human rights abuses of this new century.

"We've got to be more intentional. A whole body of resources have become available in the last few years that could be organized to assist children.

Our response will require our best thinkers and strategic co-operation," she said.

The Canadian-funded report says leading reasons children are being trafficked are for
1.exploitation in sex tourism and pornography, labor in manufacturing,
3. agriculture and domestic environments
4. for begging.
5. To a lesser extend they are used for organ and tissue transplants
6. illegal adoptions.

"Even in cases where they (women and girls) have entered the sex trade industry voluntarily, they are still vulnerable to more extreme types of exploitation that push conditions to a situation of sexual slavery," says the report.

"In such cases of organized prostitution, most of it can be assumed to fall within the category of human trafficking."

It is also mentioned , official Russian crime statistics (for 2002) which they said indicate disturbing trends in children as victims of sexual and violent crimes:

Every third violent crime of a sexual nature (36.9 per cent) was committed against a minor.

Every fourth rape victim (27.7 per cent of a total of 2,099 cases) and every second victim (43.5 percent of a total of 235,515) of violent acts of a sexual nature was underage

Every fourth victim of sexual harassment, including harassment of a homosexual nature (29.8 percent of 25 cases) was a minor

Every fifth victim of sexual killings was a child or an adolescent

Child Labor in INDIA:

With credible estimates ranging from 60 to 115 million, India has the largest number of working children in the world.

Whether they are sweating in the heat of stone quarries, working in the fields sixteen hours a day, picking rags in city streets, or hidden away as domestic servants, these children endure miserable and difficult lives.

They earn little and are abused much.

They struggle to make enough to eat and perhaps to help feed their families as well.

They do not go to school; more than half of them will never learn the barest skills of literacy.

Many of them have been working since the age of four or five, and by the time they reach adulthood they may be irrevocably sick or deformed-they will certainly be exhausted, old men and women by the age of forty, likely to be dead by fifty

While India leads the world in the number of bonded child laborers, debt servitude is a significant problem in Pakistan and Nepal as well.

Nor are contemporary forms of slavery confined to South Asia; previous Human Rights Watch reports have documented forced labor in Kuwait, Brazil, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic. Regarding India, a prior Human Rights Watch report documented slavery-like conditions in Bombay brothels.

Education :

The drive on Education is a Coupled policy with Child Labor , of any Government of Developing countries as it is always twined with the Hapless situation of Illiteracy .

Education can bring down this Child related and socially Ill fated status.

Additionally recently conducted WARS too produced and still producing ( In Iraq and Afghanistan) destitute and increase the opportunities for all these SOCIAL EVILS.

So, this so called Educated Elites who could NOT stop wars are also a big reason for this exploitation .

Hence Educated mass need to be RE EDUCATED and the Uneducated kids need to be Educated.

The Road from Exploitation to Education is an International Super High way to be built and connected to all the Countries involved in this menace.

Published: 2006-04-20
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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Iam a Professional writer dedicated to sharing the knowledge on topics of Public interest, be it Management , Leadership , Social service , World Politics , Personalities , Industries , Health , Computers , Policy making , Governments , Book review etc., Iam from Singapore . My e mail id is :

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