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Full grown version of baby doll dress?

baby doll dress

Full grown version

The image of a baby doll dress may make you think about toys for children but there is a full grown version that has been gaining popularity lately. This retro deign in dresses had its hay day back in the 1960’s. Now the baby doll dress is emerging with new colors and patterns that are sure to make you look twice.

From casual to formal

As you can tell by its name, the baby doll dress is downright cute. I love this free flowing look that is casual and comfortable feeling. Even though it is roomy and comfy the baby doll dress can be quite elegant and even formal in some cases. There are some basic ground rules when it comes to this kind of dress for ladies.

Perfect for just about any body type

You have to consider your figure when shopping for clothes. If an outfit doesn’t fit right then it just won’t wear well. The good news is a baby doll dress is perfect for just about any body type. The secret behind this dress’s success is its overall design. In a nutshell, the baby doll dress is a short dress that has an empire waist. The empire waist is ideal for many ladies who are a little thick in the midsection because the fabric hangs freely from the ribcage. The loose fitting waistline is ideal for many body types but the baby doll dress has more to it than an empire waist.

Short and short

The design is short. That’s what makes the doll-look that is so very appealing. The overall cut of the dress reminds me of an infant gown for a little girl. It is roomy and short and free flowing. Grown up girls can embrace this youthful, fun look but there are some considerations to be made. There are many different degrees of short. If your legs aren’t your best feature then you may want to choose a baby doll dress that is a wee bit longer than the typical mini skirt. Of course, you can still pull this look off if you choose your baby doll dress wisely. The right material and the right length is the key to a great overall look.

Color and pattern

Color and pattern is pretty important, too. You can choose a baby doll dress that is lacy and youthful or you can choose one that combines the innocent style with deep colors and complex patterns. I love the idea of the little black dress in the baby doll style. With the many different colors and styles available the baby doll dress is a great choice for ladies of all ages.

What are you waiting for ladies, go out and get yourself that lovely baby doll dress you always wanted!
Published: 2007-09-17
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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