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Fun and Fond Memories: Episode 2

unforgettable classmates, exotic words, street vocabulary,

Fun and Fond Memories

Episode 2

“unforgettable, memorable”. . . classmates

One of the unforgettable moments of my student days in the graduate school of Environmental Planning in the University of the Philippines were delightful and fun-filled.

How can I forget the verbal confrontations between Willie Palarca and Yeng Noble. There never was a dull day with these two lovable classmates of mine . . . arguing on any issue under the sun, no matter how minor or insignificant. All you have to do is to start the discussion and the war will start (no physical violence though, only oral riots). The funny thing about it, is that, they were not talking in the same wavelength. Their argumentative languages and styles were completely different. Well, Willie is the elite type who has a large glossary of sophisticated words, while Yeng is the ordinary person that you meet on the street who, however, has a good command of the street vocabulary. To illustrate, Willie is fond of exotic, sometimes even erotic, words that you seldom encounter in daily conversation; a classic example is the word “surrogate” which I cannot forget, because (embarrassing to tell but honestly) I had to look at my big dictionary to be sure I got the meaning right. On the other hand, Yeng would amuse you with such phrases as “going home to the province and plant banana”, which means that life in the city is becoming economically difficult and that economic survival would be better in the province. This phrase, which similar to the cliché “going to the dogs” could also indicate a sigh of frustration and hopelessness; in other words Willy was saying that all we are learning in school (graduate school, mind you) will be useless --- an “exercise in futility”, to use another cliché.

I can not really forget these two colorful but completely opposite personalities. Willie is grammar conscious and always ready to shoot anybody who murders the English language; Yeng loves to mutilate the English language. They are both college scholars of the of the graduate school, though. I loved them both. They have one thing in common, though. They were both always ready to lend a helping hand to anybody, again (irony of all ironies) in their own different ways.

To God be the Glory!
Published: 2006-05-26
Author: Apolo Jucaban

About the author or the publisher
Filipino, male, married,2 children, two grandsons.Education: A.B. English,in Literature; B.S. Geology; Master in Environmental Planning all taken from the University of the Phillipines post-graduate in Groundwater Development, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Profession: More than 15 years in the government as project manager/director; about 25 years in as consultant,local & foreign assignments. Have various unpublished & published papers, technical reports, seminar papers.

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