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Music:Music is an art of living features. Hearing music makes our mind, body peace and calm. Creativity is very important for every musician to give different types of music. I encourage every one to pay attention to your responses to a variety of music.---- Physically, Mentally, Spirutually. Music is also for relaxation. Music that's relaxing tends to slow down our heart rates to about one beat per second. If we're feeling stressful, angry, anxious, or irritable, our heart rates tend to increase. Music can actually help our heart rates slow down to a more relaxing pace, changing our physiology.

This phenomenon is what can help me fall asleep more easily. It's what is found with many meditation tapes or other music specifically designed for stress reduction or relaxation. Nowadays children are very much interested in creating music with computer. I welcome the kids for their interest in a youthful and quite wealthy way. There are many music softwares specially made for kids to tempt their interest. Music is something that we can all share; it enhances our home life and promotes family time. Music is an entertaining alternative to television. Allow your child to grow up loving music. Music helps a child become 'smarter'.

Nowadays children are very much interested in learning music. The parents are also interested in child’s interest and they are arranging music classes for them. This is a computerized world now children are well known to operate the computer games, paintings etc…..For kids there are good music software that could be easily understandable and used by every children.

FlexiMusic Kids ComposerComposer is an wonderful and good music software for kids. This software can be used by anyone who has creativity and interest in music, it is not compulsory that he must be an musician. FlexiMusic Kids Composer is best suited for children who would like to practice mixing a variety of instruments, and composing their own music. This software has colorful interface, basic tools and simple buttons that are easy for children to understand and use. You can make your own tunes in FlexiMusic Kids Composer. Various effects can be added to enhance your music. Most kids in this age group are listening to the radio and watching music on TV. Look for songs in a variety of styles that mirror their life situations and states of mind. They're now able to enjoy songs created by them. Musical activities teach more than just music.

Activities that require children to use their whole bodies and interact with others, while also developing musical abilities, have positive effects on a variety of learning. Learning movement, rhythm and pitch can be used to reinforce learning of other important information. Most importantly, music is fun. If a child is having fun their brain is open to learning. If a child is stressed, worried or unhappy, the brain closes down to learning and new stimulation. Activities that are fun open up the brain to learning. Musicality’s are Listening, moving, singing and playing and have fun sharing these activities together. Let we encourage our kids in Music to extend their ideas using good software like FlexiMusic Kids Composer.
Published: 2008-09-30
Author: terry pikula

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