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Future of Earth - The World of Children

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Future of Earth - The World of Children:


Children form a vulnerable section of society. And all the world's children are the future of the earth.

In accepting responsibility for their well being, we are investing in their future.
The world will be a better or worse place depending on how we treat our children.

Tomorrow's adults ... give them a good future.

The Domain of Human rights violations:

HUMAN rights violations do not fall under the domain of only corrupt governments or dictatorships.

Is every one NOT entitled ?
If we accept the definition of human rights as those that an individual is entitled to enjoy and to have protected by virtue of being a human being, then it is clear that we are all entitled to enjoy these rights.

It is sad that we have to define these rights, since they seem to be the natural conditions of life — the conditions under which each human being should ideally live.

In fact, the need to define these rights, which are essentially a reiteration of the optimal conditions for human existence, has arisen because these conditions are not met in the lives of the majority.

Yes. The majority of the World population is suffering from this inadequacy.

Thus the need to set down long-winded documents like the UN charter of Human Rights.

Human rights are the rights of all to equal opportunity for social, economic, and psychological development, regardless of race, religion, caste, class, or gender.

It is sad that we have to remind ourselves that all of us are human, and none should assume that some are more human than others.

Protection of this natural equality:
Sadder still, that we have to lay down laws to protect this natural equality, because some do believe and behave in ways which prove that some humans are more equal than others, meaning entitled to more privileges than others.

Struggle for mere survival:
The situation in our developing and under developed countries has deteriorated to such an extent that the majority are deprived of the opportunity to develop themselves.

Theirs is a struggle for mere survival. Denied their natural human rights to personal development, they are fighting to assert simply their right to be human.

The fundamental rights of a fellow human are violated by all of us at some point in our social interactions. Such violations are so widespread that we don't consider them to be human rights violations —

like when a husband burns his wife to death because she didn't bring enough dowry,

when parents force their decisions upon their children,

when a man gets treated better than a woman,

when a domestic or industrial laborer is underpaid and overworked,

when an elderly parent is mistreated by his/her grown children.

In all of these situations, the basic tenet of equality is violated. These are all violations of human rights, or the condition of living like human beings, that is, living humanely.

It is an assumed quality of humans to be humane, meaning, kind, caring and compassionate.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that nobody considers these qualities to be the general attributes of today's humans.

Violator and Violated:
The rights of one human being are violated at the hands of another because of a real or perceived differential in power between the violator and the violated.

There are no accurate statistics documenting the extent of the violation in society, the extent of psychological and emotional damage caused by such behavior, which is perpetuated and even tolerated by society.

Most of us tend to become violators when we feel we can get away with it.

A little thought about the essentially symbiotic nature of human relationships, where interdependence, and not independence, becomes the desired goal of humanity, would help us all in those moments of recklessness when we forget that the next person is as valuable as we are.

Lesson to RE LEARN:
Respect for the old fashioned virtues of co-operation, needing one another, surviving together, and not in spite of each other, is the lesson we have to re-learn.

Re examination:
Humanity has to re-examine what it means to be humane.
Children form a very vulnerable section of human societies. They deserve to be valued, nurtured, and have their rights protected by responsible adults. It is incumbent upon all of us to protect and nurture our biological children.

Future of the Earth:
But all the world's children are the future of the earth. And in accepting some responsibility for their well-being, we are actually investing in the future of our biological children. The world shall be a better or worse place according to how we treat the children of the world today. Thus, from a very selfish point of view, from the standpoint of our own survival, it would be profitable to wake up to the plight of the vast numbers of children living in poverty, where they are denied their basic right to develop as human beings.

Rights of the Child:
So pathetic is the condition of the world's children that the UN has formulated The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), in order to awaken slumbering nations to prevent the waste of their most valuable natural resource.

To Day and Tomorrow:
Today's children will be tomorrow's adults, and nations that do not invest in their children shall not harvest a future crop of responsible, productive adults for a well-functioning society.

Making light of the politically engineered tensions between countries on Land disputes, I grieve more over the common scourge of poverty that mars the countries, with millions of under-nourished, uneducated, and undervalued and war-orphaned children clamoring for the chance to live a better life.

Are they NOT Worth?
Aren't these potentially wonderful human beings worth a lot more attention than a disputed piece of land? Aren't these children worth more than whom the land ultimately belongs to? Wouldn't it be far better to ask our leaders to hold summits to devise effective plans for spending our taxpayers' money on the children of both the nations so that in the years to come we produce a region full of well-nourished, well-educated, responsible, and peace-loving adults?


Published: 2006-04-02
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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