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Now is the time to plant broad beans, these hardy beans, is reassuringly tough, from the enormous seeds that, can be grown directly into garden soil, to the pointy, grey-green leaves, and clusters of pods that start to swell in mid spring. These, beans, are planted, mid to late autumn in a sunny. sheltered spot with well-cultivated soil. Sow about six seeds around the base of an obelisk. Shoots will appear, in two to three weeks and, after that, they need no real attention over the winter, harvest in spring. Easy to grow.

Raspberries, are easy to grow, they need very little attention, but, will churn out their delicious velvety berries for months. Plant late autumn/winter, choose a sunny or partially shady spot with well-cultivated soil, that, has lots of well-rotted manure added to it. Dig a hole so that the roots can spread out, then cover with soil. Then, cut the plants down to 20cm from the ground, and, leave until harvest time next summer.

Fruit trees, now, is the time to plant these trees, you will get a great variety, if you buy from a specialist rather than a garden centre. Order a bare root tree(which looks a bit dead, but it's just sleeping) from on line shopping, over the winter months, and, you won't even have to cart it in the back of your car. Easy to grow.

Garlic, is one of the easiest, and most low-maintenance vegetables, to grow, plant in late autumn, in a sunny position. Garlic likes any soil, but needs good drainage. Push cloves into the soil flat end down, so the pointy bit is just below the surface. Dig up in summer, when the leaves turn yellow. It's better to buy from a specialist rather than the supermarket, as their varieties may have been imported, and, may not be suited to your climate. Easy to grow.

Blackberries, plant in autumn, allows the roots plenty of time to establish, before the growing season in spring. Choose a sunny or shady spot, with well-rotted manure added. Dig a hole and cover then secure the vine to the wall or fence. Easy to grow.
Published: 2009-10-26
Author: Devika Primic

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