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Generations Discarding Generations

Discrimination, old generation, young generation, youth, elderly

It is always fabulous to be young and to enjoy the verve of youth but extremely degrading when it extends to discrimination. 'The old generation' will care, love and protect but rarely free 'the younger generation' to explore and defy their own weaknesses. The question is; how can we define a generation-in its literal definition as stated by William Strauss and Neil Howe, in their book Generations, as a cohort-group in which are all persons born in a limited span of consecutive years, whose length approximates the span of a phase of life given to be approximately 22 years, and whose boundaries are fixed by peer personality.

But in my own perspective, speaking from my own experience of living and working in Egypt, a generation is a cohort-group in which are all persons born in a limited span of one year. Many may disagree with my understanding of the former definition. Let me go into more details. A 30 years old man will look at a 29 years old younger man as less experienced, inferior and ignorant to himself. So what could a 10 or 15 years difference produce of discrimination?

In the deep belief of the 'old generation' deepened by culture and traditions, life is like a horse race were it cannot bare scrawny horses and will automatically reject them accepting only the younger ones. The cultural ideology exemplified in my previous metaphor is truly displayed in all work places in Egypt and maybe in all around the world.

I do not wish my words to be taken as rebelliousness for I deeply believe that experience could be the most expensive commodity in the world. Learning from the 'older generation' is a must but only if the process is carried out via the proper channels. Generations have to understand and realize that successive generations have the right to express themselves in every way. It is as important as that the 'older generation' must understand and comprehend the behaviors and beliefs of the younger that the 'younger generations' must do the same to be able to communicate effectively and even proficiently.

From this post, I ask the older and younger generations to exchange shoes, and not only the shoes but the socks, trousers and shirts!

Published: 2007-04-27
Author: Ahmed Wagih

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As early as I remember, writing became one of my most happily performed activities that enabled me to illuminate my potentials in expressing my hidden thoughts and attributes. Writing has always endorsed my feelings towards life, by merely key punching or ink spattering.

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