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Get a Wooden Jewelry Box

wooden jewelry box

This article shows you how a wooden jewelry box is useful.

I already had a wooden jewelry box on the dresser, but the problem was that it was not big enough to store all the items. The new wooden jewelry box is quite large. It stands upright and has glass doors that open out. There are several hooks on rotating discs to hang necklaces in this area. There are three drawers in the bottom section of the box. One is separated into small compartments to place bracelets and earrings. One of the drawers is plain inside to place longer necklaces such as strands of pearls. The third drawer has an area for rings and additional smaller compartments like the first drawer.

The top of my dresser always seems to look messy. I have so many pieces of jewelry and other accessories that I wear that everything seems to get jumbled together. My husband’s dresser top if very neat. He has a wooden jewelry box that I had purchased for him and a container that he keeps change in. He does not understand why mine is so messy. He has bought me a wooden jewelry box to help organize the items.

I started organizing the wooden jewelry box and had it filled before I was half way done. I thought that I would be able to organize the jewelry so that I could get it all into the two boxes that I have. This way there would not be as many things on the top of the dresser. I placed all my fine jewelry in the new wooden jewelry box that my husband purchased for me. I arranged my costume jewelry in the other box. The scarves that were piled on the dresser top were folded and placed in a box that I stored in a dresser drawer. The dresser top looked very neat and it was easy to locate the pieces of jewelry that I wanted to wear. My problem is that when I come home from the office I am in a hurry to change clothes and start dinner. Instead of placing the jewelry in the right wooden jewelry box I put it on top of the dresser. By the end of the week there is jewelry scattered all over and the boxes are close to being empty.

I think I need to simplify my life by converting back to one main wooden jewelry box that I can throw the items I wear most often in. This way even if the jewelry is lumped together the top of the dresser will appear neat. This will make my husband happier and will decrease the stress I feel each time I look at the top of the dresser.

I should give to him the idea to get me a wooden jewelry box as a gift ;-) Thera a so many choice online for a wooden jewelry box.
Published: 2006-08-13
Author: Eric Raymond

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