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Get rich or spend trying

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You have probably noticed that this article title is inspired by a movie one. "Get rich or die trying" is the story of a street thug, trying to get rich at any costs, even putting his life at risk. Well, fortunately for the vast majority of people, things are not so dramatically. I mean,few people will risk their life or try to break the law, just to become rich no matter how. Yet they will be willing to spend a lot of time (and sometimes money)on the internet, trying to make easy money. Because the web is full of the luring promise that you will get rich easy.

If you open your browser and type "make money online" on the main search engines (let’s say google and yahoo), you will get thousand, even milions results. All granting you simple and very easy ways to get rich quickly. Slogans like “Fire your boss!” or “Quit your every day job” are very likely to be met on these websites. Basically , no matter what kind of bussiness will be proposed to you, all are going to tell you the same thing: you don’t have to be smart to make money, you don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to work 8 hours/day, you don’t have to spend many years in school to become highly qualified. You’ll earn more money than a doctor, a lawyer, or a university professor, working when you want , as long as you want. In order to fullfill your dreams you just need to buy a simple course, few bucks, who will reveal you the secrets of becoming rich quickly. It’s not much considering that you’ll get rich by tomorrow.

First of all, i think a common-sense question should arise. If everything it’s so easy how come not everybody is making money on the Internet? How come doctors and lawyers are still doctors and lawyers? Why don’t they make money on the Internet? Perhaps they haven’t heard the news? Strange, it shouldn’t be that hard. Just type “get rich” or “make money” on google, comme on fellows... Maybe it’s hard for them to admitt that they had spent a lot of time in school, when they could had make a living a lot easier...hmmm.... It’s also reasonably to supose that those guys who are selling you quick methods to get rich quickly, are already rich. Why are they willing to share the big secret with you? Because of their generosity? But if so, why are requesting a few lousy bucks to teach you that? And why do they try so desperatly to convince you it’s worth buying their product? That’s a little bitt stingy from somebody who’s making a six figure income.

I’ll try to share you my humble experience and to spare your time searching for “golden oportunities”. I’m not saying you can’t make money on the internet, or that the web is full of cheaters. I just don’t think that the “get rich over night” cliche is to be trusted, and I want to save your time and money. So let’s see some of the criterias that will help you stay out from the "get rich quick" trap

  1. Very often they don’t say it very clear, what is it about. The text is full of optimism, it reassures you repetately that this fantastic oportunity will change your life, you'll get rich in an instant, but still...what is ist about? Doesn’t say. If you want to find out, you have to subscribe your e-mail adress, or click on a link. In the first case you’ll get spammed. In the second, after a long and borring bla, bla you’ll find out that you have to pay to get the wonder product which will change your life.

  2. When they say, it’s about something everybody thinks it’s easy to learn and master. Like copywriting or sales. You don’t need, special skills or training to be a copywriter, do you? Just to be creative and inspired. Well, not exactly. Being a copywriter means to be able to send a persuasive message to your target-public. It means working with the account manager, to discuss client needs, and with the art –director for concepts and ideeas, working under pressure of deadlines, sometimes on several projects at once. The copywriter is not an artist, his work has to please the client. You’ll be working in a team, and sometimes you’re ideas will be riped apart. Same with sales, it takes good communication skills, knowledge about market, customer psychology. Those skills are obtained through specific training and experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t be a succesfull freelancer on the web. I just don’t believe in wonder solutions who will transform an unexpereinced person in nr one online salesman in five (or no matter how many) easy steps. Which brings us to te next point

  3. Buy our product! No matter what they will say to you, you can count the conclusion will be always the same. A course, or a software who will teach you quickly all you need to know to get rich in a minute. I have to give them credit, the sale strategy is well constructed. They’ll present you stories of success, of no-special people, who got rich, following the instruction. The author will talk to you friendly, like you were old palls. He’ll assure you that he’s no genius, and he succeded, so if he could, why wouldn’t you? They know that if you got there, you need money, and you want to believe almost everything.

Again, I have nothing against books or software designed to improve your performances in a certain area. I really think they’re usefull. But no book or software will replace the skills aquired in several years of study, and most important: hard work and perseverance. Yes, my fellow idle people, this is the sad news for us: we cannot get rich avoiding hard work. And that’s exactly what they are trying us to convince. Maybe the biggest uppset is not that you’ll lose a few dollars, buying usless guarantee-to succeed panaceas. But the fact that you’ll get dissapointed, and miss some real oprtunities to make money on the internet.

So yes, I do think you can make money on the internet. I do believe you don’t have to be born with some special skills, you can aquire them in time. But I don’t believe you can get rich in short time, cheating work with some miracle-reader-digest course who will transform you in an succesfull bussinesman nice and easy.
Published: 2007-04-03
Author: Bogdan Ivascu

About the author or the publisher
phd graduated in History, professional writer

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