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We often pray the ALMIGHTY for happiness and success and ridding our selves from the misery and troubles. But only a few experience that their prayer was answered. The rest think why the ALMIGHTY has not answered their prayer. They feel that they got nothing in return for the prayer. But realize friends, it is not the fault of the ALMIGHTY. It is your fault. HE WILL LISTEN ONLY IF YOU SURRENDER TOTALLY AND PRAY. Prayer, the right way only gets answered. It is important not only to say a prayer but also the way you say the prayer. GOD will tune to you if you have the same frequency that he can receive. Other wise your prayer is lost. It will never reach the destination. Prayer without focus and surrender gets no answers.

Simple things to do before you pray.

1. Close your eyes. Control your breathing to a deep level.
2. Ask your ears to shut from the outside noises.
3. Ask your hands, legs, and to stay still.
4. Ask your eyes to look within.
5. Suggest your mind to shut from all external and internal disturbances. Command your mind to shut the senses to outside environment.
6. Realize how small you are before realize how small you are and how dependent you are on the GRACE of the ALMIGHTY.
7. Visualize the ALMIGHTY and keep that form in focus. May be it is in the form of light, Christ, Rama, etc depending on your perception.
8. Say your prayer.
9. At the end of the prayer, ask the ALMIGHTY to forgive you for the mistakes that might have crept while saying the prayer. Pray that he tunes to your prayer and answer it.
Tune your mind and senses before the ALMIGHTY tunes to you. Say the prayers the right way and get them answered. Say the prayer the right way.
Published: 2006-06-10

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i am a first class master's degree holder political science. i am also a graduate in law BL. I feel i have a flair for writing. i am 53 years old and took voluntary retirement from a public sector bank in india after 24+ years of service. my late father was a prolific writer whose articles on current affairs, short stories, skits were published in all most all the magazines in india. i too want to try my luck in the field of writing

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