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Give your phone a new look with cell phone faceplates

cell phone faceplates

If you have had your cell phone for quite a while, you may be tired of looking at it. If you don’t want to spend the money to get a new one, you have other options. You can get cell phone faceplates to give your phone a new look, and add a little of your own personality.

Find deals on cell phone faceplates online

No matter what model you have, you can find cell phone faceplates in many great designs. Some come in plain colors like pink, silver, or blue, or you can find any number of designs. A search of your particular phone model on the Internet should bring up many options. You can also find deals on cell phone faceplates on eBay. You can narrow the search down to your specific phone model and search through what is available. Even older models of phone will have faceplates available on eBay. These are often a great deal, and shipping is fast.

Other than cell phone faceplates, you can also find what is referred to as cell phone bling. These are often crystals or rhinestones you can fix to your faceplate. These come in already structured designs, or you can make up your own by place individual stones where you want them.

Careful when you replace the faceplate

Use care when changing cell phone faceplates. You will quite often need a tiny Phillips head screwdriver to get your existing plate off your phone. Make sure you don’t lose the screws, and be careful of the hardware within your phone. As you lift old cell phone faceplates off of a phone, look to see if anything is glued to it, or pops out of place. You will need to attend to these details when you replace the faceplate. You don’t want to damage your phone. Your warranty may not cover this type of damage.

If your phone doesn’t seem to be working correctly after you have changed cell phone faceplates, you may have to take it in for repair. You may not want to risk further damage by trying to fix it yourself. You may have to pay for these repairs, but it is better than paying for a new phone. If you don’t feel like you can replace cell phone faceplates without causing damage, see if they can do it for you.

Cell phone faceplates make it less attractive to thieves

Again, there may be a fee, but that is better than destroying your phone. As an added bonus, not only will cell phone faceplates change the look of your phone, they may make it less attractive to thieves. If you have a bright pink phone with butterflies on it, it may not be someone’s first choice if they are looking to steal a phone.
Published: 2006-09-11
Author: Eric Raymond

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