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glassy man

short story.story.children story

Many years ago an old wood cutter man lived in a wooden cabin in the forest near a lake.

He gathered wood fire and took them to the down villag of gongle.

He sold them and with the money bought the things that need .

And came back to the forest. he has lived there alone for many years.

Living with tree and animals were pleasure for him every day.

When the sun coming out he took his axe and went to the middle of the forest.

He came back home with a lotof wood fire.all his wood fire gave warm to the down village house.

But on day happened afreak for him.he used to see unreal happens and this happan wasnot wonderfull for him.

Inanice day spring which the sun coming out and sunshine with troble from.

Among green branches has sent in to the cabin. the man has goten up by the voice of birds.

Then put his old shoes. he went to the forst with his axe again.

He used to wisper the poems by hood.

The boyhood poems was only his he was walking slowly sundenly a crunch.

Coming out from a dry tree noticed him.

He turned his headto the voice and saw abig dry tree.

He thought with himself it is better cut this tree.

Because the life finished in it.

He did these action many tim. but did not see gash in the stock.

He thought with himself many be Iam very old and has not power. It is better left it and walking.

The voice from the tree atractive him again came back and beat by power ful to the stock suddenly the body of tree opend small glassy littlepeople coming out.

when he saw it came back and left the axe.

He look at to the little people from under his eye brow which covered his eyes.

He went back near the tree and hold up his axebeat stocke.

The old man has frightenedand didnot know what to do?the little people hold up his head.

said; the little people do you want kill me so you beat to the tree.

The old man with slow accent mur-mur said:excuse me,idid not knowit is your house.the voice of the mandid not finishedstill.

The little pepole shouted did you see me?i did not blieve.Is it possible?he said: why I do not see you?the little pepole said yes mustnot see me.

every bady can see us which has glassy white heart.Ihave hidden in the tree and was hapless and timely.

I have searched like you in your land for many days.

But did not find so you saw and found me.I came from my land here till someone help me that I take the things which I want from your land.

Pleas help me.I need your help the man said:coming to my cabin the sunis setting.

we can not back in dark to house.they walking to the cabin.the little people looking to the around and tought everythings.

Every things that touched it is body bacame like that colour.

The man was surprised from his work they got home. the little people said is it your house? the man said yes it is not my house.

The little people said you are happiness.

The god like you very much and has given to the men even small thing.

He said: yes shaking his nead.

The sun set and the all the forest asleep. the light of the canddle lighten the cabin.

The man said: to this new guest.why you cam from you land here?

The little peple said:I came here till the colours of rainbow took for the people of my land.

.In my white glassy land the colours are meaning less.

All the things are difference from shape and size. mountains. water fall trees are white glassy.

our landes queen is sik the white pigean has said if want the queen be well must bring rainbow colours to our land.

These colours only find in your word.because all these colours find in your nature.

If i show to you the clours how will you tacke them to your land?said: the man.

The little people said: my body is glassy whe i touchthe colours attractive them.

This is the only power which my glassy body has. the old man and the little people has spoken for long time.

The old man and the went to the forest next morning .

But this time he did not take his axe with himself the man the lift without colours are meaninglees thought.

They arrived every where got a colour.

Green from tree blue from the water lake from sun yellow red from sunsetthe time was meaning less for old man that day.

He and the little people gathered the colours from nature.thy finshed their work.

when the sun stting they came back to the cabin and the little people was very happy.

The little people said to the old man I want give you a gift for your help.

Then gave a glassy to him this is the only gift that key of my land.

If must give your heartto the sky and passing from the gate of clouds by this key. then in my land one day.

I hope see you thanked from the old man.

The man said: i hope you can help to your gueen land and never forget if black colour comes to your land there is a place for your living .

I know your land will have the lightes colour on day.

Then the little people went to the light of the moon which comes from under branches of tree and shakes hand to yhe man and disappeared.

The man slowly went to the cabin.that night finished like other nights. [ the end]
Published: 2006-06-02
Author: neda dastoori

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