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Global warming and changes in global environment

global warming,deforestation,pollution and global climate change

The climate on earth is constantly changing.Global warming,deforestation various kinds of pollution are changing the world climate drastically.The weather and climate of our mother earth has changed drastically over the last century and a half mainly due to industrial revolution and its consequences of what we call technological advances and progress.

Rapid deforestation for paper textile industry and rapid urbanisation and the need for farmland has caused increased global warming.Global warming has also been due to the release of chlorofleurocarbons from various industries like refrigerators.Global environment in changing for worse due to effluents like lead from vehicular pollution,petrochemicals and refineries .Global warming is enhanced due to depleted ozone layers .Global warming is causing polar ice caps to melt,sea levels to rise and submersion of coastal areas and populous cities like New york,mumbai,tokyo riodejaneiro shanghai.

Another less known factor for global warming is the solar flares and magnetic spots on sun,our nearest star. We dont know exactly what causes these sun spots which cause rapid and catastrophic changes in the atmosphere on earth.Global warming is a clear and present danger which has to be solved by all the countries on earth with corrective enviromental measures and actions.International bodies like UN,UNESCO and WHO have initiated action since many decades.Global warming has caused and is causing extinction of flora and fauna species due to deletion of their niches .Global warming is damaging ecosystems and biospheres.Tsunamis and earthquakes are also to some extant caused by global warming.

Finally we can conclude that global warming is the numero uno risk for the future well being of human race.
Published: 2009-03-30
Author: sricharan D

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My educational qualifications are Bsc Msc in Biotechnology Msc in organic chemistry and MBA.I worked for 4 years as a content developer and features writer in an agriculture and science and technology industry and market research magazine.I did a lot of freelance writing for literary publications and advertisement agencies.

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