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Global Warming and Climate Change

Poor farming techniques along the River Murray is causing devastation

The world is in the midst of Global warming and Climate change. Everyone has Climate change and Global warming imprinted on their forehead. Sometime we go to be with Global warming and Climate change on the News and wake up with the same topic on the news.

The everyday population in Australia needs to get the word out. Our great Mississippi is dying slowly, The Murray River has a great history just like the Mississippi, with Paddle Steamers, taking people along the river to settle. Many stories of escaped convicts hiding along the river and robberies litter our history.

Giant River Gums four to five hundred years old are now in extreme stress mode with the lack of rain and fresh water flowing along the River Murray.

Our country has been in drought for the first eight years of the New Millennium. 2008 has been the turning point for Queensland. Over the first eight years many farmers walked of their properties, with no water to keep any stock or crops alive alive. Queensland is coming alive with flooding summer rains this year. Flora and fauna, native fish are breeding again in creeks that have not been alive for many years.

The Murray River now has to be looked after, Dairy farmers in the South of Australia are walking of the land. There are now four dairy farms that are working in the South, as a result of no water flowing through the Murray River. Throughout history there has been Seventeen Dairy Farms by the Great Lakes of South Australia, where the River Murray meets the Ocean.

The Murray River of South Australia is in huge trouble, South Australia is in trouble!. The water along the River Murray is held to ransom by the cotton farmers along the River Murray. The River Murray has been over farmed for Generations

A desalination plant is being built at Port Stanvac, South Of Adelaide. All water rates in South Australia is going to rise twelve and a half percent next year. This will cause financial difficulties for pensioners. The government thinks pensioners that own their homes, they are financially Okay, but real they are not because of rises in the cost of living constantly.

After seeing many pictures of the River Murray very low. That low people can now walk across the river. The once great river that stretches through three states of Australia. Once the river leaves Mildura, you follow the river through South Australia to the ocean, in places along the river you can not even float a row boat. Trees are dying from Salt rising to the surface of the Murray River, some trees are bare rooted and dying. Picture of the once locally called Great lakes, are now declared a major disaster area, you can not even throw a net out in the lakes to fish, for there is no water. There is a very vivid picture embedded in my mind as a child seeing the great lakes with lush grasses along the edge of the lakes and trees full of color.

To our Politician that were our fore-fathers of this great country. Surely they must of had some fore thought of the population increase. Did our for-fathers have some idea of what was going to happen in this country and forgot to put it in practise? If they did I hope they can let our politicians know before something really drastic happens to South Australia.

Politicians have known since federation of our country, that we are the driest Island Continent in the world, Please I Plead with you hurry up and make our country right. The mistakes of the past can be put right, because we are a young country. WE MUST SAVE OUR HOMELAND.

The city population is helping by utilizing our grey water. New home must be built the old way with rain water tanks and more down pipes to help collect the rain water. Many wetlands have been bitumnized over the century and industrial building have been placed on this land. When it rains in the suburbs of Adelaide water does not flow into this land anymore it runs straight into the sewage and out to sea.

Colonel William Light had a vision when he settled Adelaide, a city surrounded by the hills. There would be plenty of run of from the Adelaide Hills and run into the local rivers and wet lands. The city has changed so much, Colonel Light would never have thought our population would stretch from the North to the South of the State. Some local councils of the state are trying to re-build wetlands, we are just praying for enough rain to keep them alive, some wet lands are just little puddles at the moment.

I just want to cry sometimes when I see the country that I grew up in as a young girl in such trouble. The trees are sad, creeks and rivers are in trouble and our people are hurting badly. The fault of management, global warming, and climate change.
Published: 2008-04-13
Author: Barbara Haynes

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