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Global Warming & We

global warming

What is global warming? What causes global warming? What are the consequences of global warming? Is global warming a real threat to our existence? Alas, many of us are still not sure about the answers!

Global warming can spell the doom for Human-race by 2050 or even earlier! Yes, it’s a reality; not a myth anymore. This article intends to promote awareness of global warming and its consequences. Let the term, ‘global warming’ echo in every nuke and corner of the world.

The Ganges will soon be reduced to a seasonal River…
The great river Ganges in India is going to be reduced to a seasonal river because of the glacier melting effect on the Himalayas due to global warming! … Doesn't it ring a bell somewhere?

That is just one of many expected consequences that Global warming may force on our climate and eco system. Studies have predicted spreading diseases, flooding, droughts, fires, disappearances of many species etc. due to global warming.

The world body of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on its latest published report on global warming narrates an increasing impact to natural systems and living things as earth's temperature rises because of global warming.

Scientists have many proofs to show global warming effects. The high rate at which the arctic Greenland ice cap is melting away triggering earth quakes as pieces of ice several cubic kilometres in size break off is clear evidence (this is a first time happening in the history of Earth). See how effective global warming is!

The trend of global warming and the heating effects are strong in melting of ice, rising global mean sea level, ocean salinity, wind patterns and aspects of extreme weather including droughts, heat waves and the intensity of tropical cyclones. Global warming is no doubt, a monster.

Scientists caution that the effects of climate change due to global warming are rampant throughout the World. A huge change is underway across the globe and in its atmosphere, they report, that is affecting not only nature, but the lives and homes of millions of people. Global warming is going to be a real terminator.

Changes caused by global warming can be measured from the highest mountains to deep in the oceans and are leading to extinction for parts of earth's rich biodiversity. For humans, the changes in climate owing to global warming can spell the doom!

According to IPCC reports on global warming, temperatures are sure to rise faster in the next decades than they did during the same time span in the last half of the 20th century and it will follow with catastrophic consequences.

Researchers are pinning the cause of global warming directly on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Is it too late to prevent global warming effects on our future generations? If we show some real sense and will-power to take concrete steps, then we can reduce the impact of global warming on our lives. In fact all the nations in the world have to unite their actions towards preventing global warming and preservation of our environment. Guard against global warming before it kills us!

But there are also individual contributions to help stop global warming. Patrick Gonzalez, a climate scientist who works for UN remarks, “Climate change threatens natural communities, each person can make a difference because one small positive act multiplied millions of times produces immense benefits.” So unite and fight against global warming now…

Patrick’s tips to lessen global warming include: advocating teleconferences instead of flying, less use of automobiles, more usage of recycled and energy-saving products, planting more trees, using public transportation in and between cities etc.

Let’s use cleaner (bio-fuel), more efficient vehicles and reduce driving: one gallon of gas burned creates 20 pounds of CO2, the main promoter of global warming. An efficient world body energy policy should be developed moving away from fossil fuels. We can replace bulbs with low-voltage fluorescents and buy renewable energy, like wind and solar generated and also discipline ourselves with reduced use of air conditioners and heaters. The UN secretary general has recently shown a great example towards reducing global warming by setting the A/C two degrees up.

....And let’s also start doing these things against global warming today itself! Always remember that global warming can destroy earth.

If CO2 emissions can be reduced far enough, the IPCC report estimated, the atmosphere could be stabilized at a much lower level of greenhouse effect than is forecast now. Still, the effects of global warming will be with us for many centuries, the IPCC said.

So let us first start from our own courtyard…our simple and determined efforts will surely inspire many others and collectively we can save our good earth and ourselves!
Please remember that it’s a now-or-never type situation that we are facing now in the form of global warming.

First thing is awareness; tell your friends about global warming, explain the effects of global warming, how global warming can be prevented and how we can save earth from the consequences of global warming.

So folks, wait not! Let’s start the fight against global warming, this very moment...

Let everybody chant:

Global warming, global warming go away;
Never come again on our way!

Published: 2008-09-24
Author: saji mathew

About the author or the publisher
Currently I'm working as Sr. Copywriter for ‘Tathmeer Invest’, a reputed business consultancy and corporate investment company in the Media City, Dubai.

Shoulders all the challenging responsibilities of a corporate copywriter in a 'Write-in-style. Win-in-style' attitude.

Writing classic ads copy that sells; creating & Editing brilliant business plans & reports that promotes; making striking content for websites & brochures that elevates – just to enumerate a few !

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