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Global Warming

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Global warming is one of the major problems faced at the global level. It is the abnormal increase in environmental temperature due to continuous accumulation of gaseous pollutant. Naturally, when the temperature varies, the climate also varies with it. It is caused by green house gases, which trap in the sun’s infrared rays in the earth’s atmosphere, which in turn heat up the earth’s atmosphere. This green house effect warming is called as ‘global warming’. The effects of green house effect are visible more highly in the recent years, with number of natural calamities. Some of the studies state that the first victim of global warming is probably the glaciers of young fold mountains, the Himalayas, India.

The climatic change of Earth are occurred due to greenhouse gases, such as methane, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbon produced by human activities like industrialization, construction and transportation and the volcanic eruptions have imbalanced the environment severely. Though the green house effect is very much important for Earth to balance its temperature, people are enhancing it by their activities. Only because of green house gases the Earth remain to have an affordable temperature else, the temperature of Earth might have been -18`C.

Carbon-monoxide, which is produced while burning fossil fuels, to generate electricity is the major factor which affect the environment. They are usually released from power plants, in engines of vehicles (when gasoline is burnt). The world faces the global warming only because of the production and usage of large number of vehicles. There are reports saying that there will be frequent heat waves in ocean, making the water acid and heavy precipitation problems because of the emission of Carbon-monoxide. Their conclusions are like this: “One can likely slow but cannot stop the environmental changes by controlling the carbon monoxide emission”.

However beneath these, the major reason is the increase in population.

If the energy received from sun is equal to the energy reflected by the earth, the level in changes of global warming might be low. Because of green house gases, even ozone has started to deplete, which encourages an adverse effect to our environment.

There are earlier warning signs to global warming. Some of them are:

• Floods, warming of Artic and Antarctic
• Bleaching of coral reefs
• Early arrival of seasons
• Sea level rise
• Spreading of diseases et cetera

The consequences of global warming are very harsh. Some of them include increase in sea level, low level of rain fall, loss in eco-system, changes in seasons, increase in the salinity in ocean, cyclones et cetera.

Sea level rising due to the melting of ice leads to flooding in low lying areas, throughout the world. Loss of eco system is another problem, which results in the extinction of rare species. Change in forest and climate has reduced the crops and affects poor farmer’s survival. Shortage of water due to high temperature has become a serious threat to all living organisms.
Many tropical diseases such as elephantiasis, Malaria, dengue fever started to spread among human.
Some of the ways to prevent the global threat are by

• Reducing the emission of green house gases especially from industries
• Planting more trees
• Recycling and substituting fossil fuels
• Public awareness

Because of its rigorous effect, government has already taken many safety as well as preventive measures like above. Many laws and rules were formulated by many countries to protect our fragile planet.

UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), WWF (World Wildlife Fund), IUPN (International Union for Protection of Nature) and SPWF (Special Public Work Fund) are some of the organizations which work for the protection of our planet.
Internationally, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), under the guidance of the United Nations (UN), World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), is the most senior and authoritative body providing scientific advice to global policy makers.

The IPCC states that the heating of earth is increasing that it has been not warm like this at least 1300 years. They got the evidence from the global air temperature and ocean temperature. They also mentioned that there will be a fast increase in temperature for the coming decades.

Though there are only few preventive measures to be followed, it is the responsibility of the people to make our planet free from global threat, which destructs the MOTHER NATURE.
Published: 2009-03-24
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

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