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God comes for the rescue of truth and virtue

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How many times has god shown that he is indeed the saviour of truth and virtue? On how many occasions ahs he revealed to those who seek him that he is uncontrollable, invincible and is the master of everything and savior against evil?, really he has done so on many many occasions and will certainly continue to do so because the world belongs to him alone.

From traditional literature and our own day today observances, we know that the word religion generally means a way of life attributable to a section of people. Thus we have many religions, that are built upon the do’s and dont’s of the different kinds of people all over the world. Many of them survived from ancient times and many of them were either absorbed into more accommodative ones more or simply ceased to exist somewhere down the lane. But there is a general tendency to confuse the word spirituality with the word religion. Where as the latter is more people oriented the former is divine. The latter always comes as an inculcatable habit that either progresses or ceases to exist depending upon trade relations between different peoples, the latter has no human control and the experience can neither be explained nor be shared. There is also a tendency to describe and declare every supernatural experience and observance as that originating from god but only a genuine truth seeker can distinguish between what is truth and what is duplicity, what is divine grace and what is a duplicitous and cunning decoy, what is a revelation and what is illusion, what is the sweet ambrosia of divine gnosis and what is just reams of carefully collated mundane information, what is power and what is black magic. This knowledge comes to the truth seeker by divine grace.

During the mahabharatha war lord chose to reveal this to arjuna because he qualified both as a servitor as well as a disciple. During krita age lord sivan came down with lord Vishnu as his consort and imparted lessons in truth to a group of learnt seers who out of haughtiness had indeed gone on to preach that god is controllable. On that occasion god also revealed that he is the light who destroys the evil called ignorance. The lives of great saints of ancient and pre-medieval India reveals the divine message to the genuine truth seeker.

Saints like adisankara came down during a period when the confusion caused by the spread of misinformation in the name of spirituality by scholars and intellectuals with dubious characters and motives, had started taking its toll by increasing the power of evil men. The nefarious activities and propaganda of the wicked in the guise of virtuous made it seem that their word had been the law and shall be so forever. In his resolve to crush the conceitedness of the rogues almighty dispatched the noble souls who were portions of himself and thus were bestowed with his gnosis. God’s will hath neither a why nor is explainable. Needless to say in their human form these noble souls were extraordinary and different from rest of mortals. For example, adisankara was a master of vedas and rituals before he reached the age of eight, i.e an age when most children had just started with their basic education. He could expound hymns and elucidate complex sciences even before he was fifteen. Saint gnanasambandar was a master of Sanskrit and tamil even as other children of his age failed to complete small sentences. By sending in such great souls who had attained enlightment by his grace, god made two things clear. That the situation created by the demonic men needed a very serious look, their desire to wreak havoc was very strong and to counter this was his business.

It may be noteworthy to have another look at that dazzling period in history, for it is true that some genuinely powerful demonic souls had in the garb of humans started spreading misinformation in name of god to the extent that even meritorious rulers stemming from virtuous ancient clans had been lured to into believing them to the point they completely neglected their royal duties and shunned truth. So profound was the impact of their activities and propaganda that it seemed the whole world would soon be doomed in ignorance. Is it possible for anyone other than the almighty to counter them? Is it possible for any other than god to crush this evil? The answer is the obvious no. During the dwapara age lord incarnated himself as Krishna and destroyed the wicked demons who had been born into great royal dynasties. During the present age of kali, he dispatched to the rescue of earth, the great saints like sankara who were in every manner remindful of the virtuous puranic sages like agastya,vasistha and vishwamitra. It became all to obvious even before they penned a single line of their magnificent collection that the defeat of the evil is imminent in due course. The saints were not preachers who went about from place to place countering false propaganda of sham saints. They were not magicians or practitioners of occult who regularly made public display of their occult powers trying bring people to their fold and indulged in a trade match with their rivals. They were simple messengers of the almighty whose sole purpose was to crush the conceitedness and snub the spread of untruth,half truth and lies. The way in which this was achieved by them is divine,inimitable and unexplainable. As with god something is simply done without leaving scope for explanation. That the evil men were doomed to a crushing defeat from which they could not recover for centuries is well understood from the chronicle of tirugnanasambandar in periyapuranam which narrates his encounter with the jain clergy in the ancient Madurai city as follows:

As the son of god approached the ancient city,
The well ordained wicked saints of age of kali became terror stricken,
ill omens foretold them of their destruction,
So they gathered at the top of their temples
In the city of madurai of many skyscrapers and which is of ancient fame and discussed these omens and thought of a plan to eliminate the brahmana of vaidic caste.

That the perfidious jain monks were ultimately defeated and impaled is a well known fact. The only way to look at this event is by drawing parallel with the activities of child Krishna and karthikeya against mighty demons. The superb services to the lord of kailasam lent by sankara deserve the same comparison. One’s sincere, faithful, and morale adherence to duty brings him closer to salvation , those with whom god sides ultimately triumphs over evil irrespective of latter’s might and former’s situation, and the one’s blessed with his gnosis have no equals. It is however worth noting that strange are god’s ways and he alone decides his course.
Published: 2008-10-22
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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